The first day of this class I walked in feeling pretty confident and thought I knew what I was doing, but then Ms. Oropallo started showing us all the tools and I decided to stand in the way back all quiet. I felt the nerves kicking in and I was hoping everyone was on the same page as I was. A couple weeks into school Ms. Oropallo hands us all a piece of wood and showed us examples of students spoons, in my head I was thinking there is no way I will be able to do that, those look so hard to make. Little did I know I soon made one and it wasn’t too bad. Ms. Oropallo would show us all of these tools and tell us horror stories of kids getting hurt and it being very dangerous, so at times I do think of that and get a little scared. Then came the big project of making a chicken coop. I was very excited for this because building a chicken coop is awesome!  My group and I are now in the process of building it and I love how much we have done, it looks amazing. Building this chicken coop proves to people that I do know how to work with tools and build even though I was not very aware in the beginning of this class.

Somehow in the middle of the first semester I got titled as “the girl who does nothing”. Not only was it one person saying it as a joke but a majority of the class caught on and soon other MarinSEL teachers got the joke. At first it was a little funny and yes I do admit not doing some work in the very beginning of the year, but then the joke started to get old and was just used in a wrong way. I decided to prove to people that I can do work because yes although I didn’t work for a short period of time now I am showing everyone how far I have come. I really didn’t like being called the one who does nothing because it reflected very poorly of me and my group. They had to deal with everyone saying all of that, but I do believe that it made us stronger as a group because now we have something to show everyone.

A part of the reason I enjoy this class is because of the organizational aspect and the routine we have. Everyday we walk in sit in the desks talk for ten minutes and then go build. We go grab our safety glasses, carry our chicken coop to our working table, figure out a plan for the day, start building, write revisions, and clean up. It is a class where I know what I’m expecting to do for the day which I really like. It helps me because I am a very organized person and having a schedule like this one in my head sticks with me and makes me feel calmer.

This class has taught me so much, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. The amount of tools and techniques I have learned is crazy. I can now help my dad fix things around the house because I know how to work all of these tools and it surprises him and me. Recently I helped construct a part of our new hot tub and it felt really good because I knew exactly what I needed and how to accomplish that goal. This class in my opinion should be required for TL and not just MarinSEL because I think everyone would benefit from this class and take a lot away from it.

I have mentioned several of the reasons I like this class and there are many many more which I can’t wait to share and tell everyone because the experiences I have in this class are unforgettable and will be with me forever.


  1. Great blog post Nicole! Your hard work really shows in your coop and how well you guys have done, even in the face of one of the most difficult designs. I think your group has come very far and has a lot to show for it. Keep up the good work!

  2. Good for you girl! Taking those insults and using them as flame to your fire and ability to work. super cool knowing how to use and help around the house with the gained knowledge of these tools

  3. Im sorry you got that label that you don’t work Nicole. I know how hard of a worker you are and i’m glad you were able to prove it to everyone. I love your coop its such a creative shape i cant wait to see it when its finished!

  4. Nicole, it is very admirable of you to acknowledge your areas of growth and strive for redemption, but if it is any consolation, I think your work ethic is good. I also like that I know how to use these tools and I agree that this is an opportunity that should be offered to more people.

  5. It really is surprising how much we have learned on only a year, and we learn along the way! really impressed with your coop it looks amazing! I love the organization of this class and am SO glad we are taking it, everyone should.

  6. Loved you blog! Im happy you’ve used your nickname as motivation to work harder and to show people what you can really do. I have also learned how to use so many valuable tools and its such a good feeling knowing that i can fix things on my own. Excited to see uow you coop turns out!

  7. Great blog! I totally think this class should be required at TL, because the skills we learn are so valuable to life and its also just a nice break from the traditional classroom for once. I’m glad you get to prove everyone wrong about not working because your chicken coop is definitely one of the best!

  8. Nicole- I loved your blog post because it totally embodies what I felt going into this class. We have all overcome fears and learned new things along the way and I am glad that you stuck with it! Awesome job!

  9. Nicole I wasn’t here for the first semester when you got labeled as someone who doesn’t do anything, and all I’ve seen is you working super hard every class period, so that nickname really doesn’t apply to you in my eyes! I completely agree that this class has daunting tools, but once we feel comfortable to use them, its super fun! Thank you for sharing your experiences!

  10. Nice blog, NICOLE!!!! I’m glad you proved everyone wrong and that we are in a group together making the BEST COOP. I’m also glad that German is benefiting from your newly learnt skills from the class.

  11. You sure made us all look bad for saying you don’t do work! I always see your group working super hard and it’s payed off because your coop is one of the closest ones to being finished and it looks great. It’s crazy how talking this class has taught us so much a bout building without us even realizing it because we’re having fun while we work.

  12. Awe Nicole I’m sorry you got stuck with such an annoying lable, I love your fiery spirit though! When nearly everyone doubted you, you pushed back and defended yourself, proving them all wrong! Not everyone has that kind perseverance and faith in themselves to do what you did, and though it may have been an inconvenience at the time, look at all you’ve accomplished! Your coop is amazing, its like a chicken fairytale-castle!

  13. Nicole! I love having you in my chicken group and don’t worry I never doubted that you wouldn’t work, but if you didn’t you could rely on me to make sure you did something. You are also very good at building and will probably be even better later on.

  14. Great Job Nicole! I love the title and I do know that you do work. I agree that Ms. O’s horror stories about the different tools defiantly got me at times. Your group works so well together and your coop is coming along great. I’m super excited to see the final project!

  15. Nice blog! I think that you’ve accomplished so much in your group and that it shows in your coop! I completely agree that we’ve learned so much in this class! I can’t wait to see what your coop ends up looking like!

  16. Great job Nicole (the girl who does work)! Your groups coup is looking absolutely amazing and you really have shown all of us that you get stuff done. Cant wait to see the finished product of your coup!

  17. I could not agree more, this class is such a necessity and all students should take it. the skills we have learned just this semester are so applicable to every day life, and it is so rewarding to know how to utilize them! You have proved us wrong, and I cannot wait to see the finalized coop in all of its hexagonal glory! Keep up the hard work:)

  18. Great title! I know it was frustrating that everyone kept labeling you as “the girl who does no work”, but I am glad it motivated you to show them! I love that you were able to apply your skills you have learned in this class to a project at home! Keep up the good work!

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