Wind TurbinesOne day in engineering class, we brainstormed ideas of what project we should work on if we were environmental engineers. In engineering class we decided to design the optimal wind turbines, where we split up into groups of three or four. We decided this was a good project to work on because wind turbines create energy and can lower the amount of fossil fuels that we consume by using a resource that is readily available that won’t produce greenhouse gases. In our groups, we researched wind turbine designs decided what factors would make the wind turbine the most effective.. The factors we researched were the height and width of the wind turbine,, the generator, the length and the shape of the blades and at what angle they should be placed, and whether or not it should be aesthetically pleasing. We then drew out the design with estimations of these factors. Most groups found that they wanted their wind turbines to be vertical and aesthetically pleasing so that the school would be fine with us putting our wind turbines on campus. If the wind turbines were not aesthetically pleasing the school or any area would not want to have the turbines seen on their property. Then in engineering class each group presented their unique design to the class and engineers. During the presentation we took notes to see the similarities and differences of the different models. This way we could decide what we want to add to our final wind turbine, so it will be the most efficient. Next week we are going to construct our blades of our models and decide on the specific angle of the blade to catch the most wind. To decide which blade is the most effective, we will run tests on each blade and angle, with a fan producing our artificial wind, to decide which is the best blade design for our model. Stay tuned to find out we do next ….

Also one day in engineering class.. we took some time to watch some very informative videos, on youtube, on how to put in a fence (thanks to Lowe’s video clips), so we are ready to start digging holes next week! We are redoing the fence around Terra Linda’s High School Garden (GGOOOO Trojans!) because it needs to be done and deer are eating our delicious food!


  1. Casey! I love how your blog points out challenges of making turbines and (most importantly) how we are going to tackle them! The school board is probably going to be tough to get past, but hopefully we’ll succeed!

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