Wind Power

Wind power is mechanical or electrical power from turbines which extract energy from airflow. Wind power provides an alternative, sustainable source of energy to fossil fuels. Another advantage wind power has over fossil fuels is that it is plentiful, clean and renewable; it also has the ability to be widely distributed while producing little to no greenhouse emissions. Yet another benefit to wind power is the consistency from year to year on the amount of wind available.

Wind turbines turn kinetic energy into sustainable electrical power. The turbine is designed with a rotary propeller that spins like a windmill when air flows through the blades. The technical term for this machine is aerofoil-powered generator. The wind turbine is the result of the development of windmill technology in the millennial. The Dutch were the first to harness the wind’s energy through rotating propellers nearly 500 years ago.

Wind turbines are now manufactured with a variety of axis types; vertical and horizontal. Some of the smallest turbines in the world are applied to charging batteries and powering traffic signal. Alternatively, larger turbines contribute to the domestic power supply. Some turbines even create enough energy to provide an income stream to their owners but allowing them to sell the unused power back to the electrical grid.

Wind farms are the new hype for landowners with large acreage because of the quick return on investment. These farms could potentially be an important source of energy as countries begin to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.

Although wind power creates a much needed supply of reliable energy, in the United States, this would require certain areas to upgrade the existing power grid. Technology to manage excess energy would need to be upgraded and the distribution of wind energy needs to become more efficient as not to lose energy during distribution.

Denmark generates 40% of their electricity from wind having pioneered the push towards wind energy during the 1970’s oil crisis. Today they are a leader in wind turbine manufacturing, exporting 90% of the wind turbines produced in Denmark. Around the World, wind power accounts for 4% of electricity. Although wind energy technology is in it’s beginning stages, it has the potential to power almost half of the Globe.

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