The idea behind my groups coop was to make it as “modern” as possible. By modern we totally meant 7 ft tall right? Flashback to the model stage. Each group was tasked to complete a realistic model of their coop. Because my groups model did not look big at the time, we were confident in our design. We then began the building process. We got off to a hot start, on pace with all the other groups. The first task was to complete the walls of the coop. First wall check, second check. Then it was time for the chicken wire. That was the first major time consuming task. We had to cut the right amount of wire and staple it onto each wall. This process took a very long time and after many days and re-do’s with the wire, it was time to make the floor. The floor did not take us much time at all. We were now familiar with the wire and we got it done in no time. Then it was time to put it all together. This was the first point where we really discovered the height on the bad boy. It was then time to move it outside where we needed it least 6 people to help carry it. At this time we were falling behind other groups. We were now in the process of insulating the coop. While most coops were half the size of ours, it took them half as much time to insulate theirs. As soon as my group realized this we got a little discouraged as we started to realize how much work this coop is going to be. My group then split up and got down to business. Lein tackled the siding, Mady and Morgan took care of the doors, while I got the massive roof. Our original idea was to make a living roof so our coop could be as “modern” as possible. With thanks to Sal Barajas and company, the living roof was beginning to form. However after drilling it halfway into the plywood, we just didn’t have enough time. Again due to the size of our coop, precious class time needed to go elsewhere. Our roof is now very simple; nothing too “modern.” It is double layered with plywood containing overlapping metal sheets. A common theme with our coop is that it doesn’t look all that aesthetically pleasing. However, I believe our coop will do its job.


Now about the class. I know this has been said many times is previous blogs, but we really can build whatever we aspire, like a 7ft tall chicken coop. This class gives you the ability to be creative. Next, before I took this class, I used to have a fixed mindset about tools: they were too advanced and I would never learn how to use them. After taking this class, although I have definitely not mastered most tools, I am familiar with most and can now say that they are easier than they seem. Ms. Oropallo gave us a quick introduction to the tools and then it was off to building, or if you weren’t careful with the tools, it could be off with your fingers.

I consider my group to be the “dream team.” We can really accomplish what we set our minds to; again like our abnormally sized coop. Clear eyes-full hearts-can’t lose. Although it sounds cliche, when we were focused on our work, we had the most fun. The best part was how we were able to laugh off our mistakes and make fun of our coop’s insecurities. Occasionally someone in our group would make fun of our coop and we would all laugh. But although our coop had some flaws, we also had some notable accomplishments for example our door.

However, none of this amazing process would have been possible without all American Handywoman Ms. Oropallo. Placing second in the show “All American Handyman,” I was lucky to have an expert guide me throughout the year.

And who knows, maybe abnormally tall chicken coops are the trend these days.



  1. Jacob, this post is so good, but you probably already know that. I really like how the beginning takes us through the events almost like a story. Throughout the year I did notice that your coop took a little longer than most others, but you and your team really did seem to be having the best time with each other. Your coop is great-very modern- and I’m sure it will go quick.

  2. Nice blog Jacob! (also nice chicken coop!!) I think your coop has made a comeback, it was a little confusing at first, but I think it looks great and is so different from each of the other coops which makes it even cooler. I also really like your inspirational quotes– “Clear eyes-full hearts-can’t lose.” 🙂

  3. I love putting in chicken wire haha and I think every group fell behind at some point. Never be discouraged, you can do anything Jacob!! None of this would ever happen without the amazing Mrs. O, we owe everything to her!!

  4. You guys did a spectacular job on your coop and I can realale to believing that I wouldn’t be able to use the the tools because I thought that they were too difficult to use but I did and I’m proud of that.

  5. Even though your coop came out bigger then you expected it too, it looks amazing. You guys are really the “dream team” I always see you guys laughing and having fun and most of the time getting stuff done!

  6. Although I was super excited for the vlog, I am not disappointed! While your coup is freakishly tall, I think it has a unique aspect in that it is the only one you can really walk into, which has its own benefits. I think that with your continued effort, it will turn out great!

  7. The seven foot coop will become the newest trend without a doubt… I mean its so modern! haha, I really do like your coop and even though it was slow going at some points, it came out beautiful and your team pulled through!

  8. This is so funny! Your groups coop is huge but hey that’s what makes it unique. I can agree that this class lets you be creative and do what you want. We started from nothing and each came up with ideas that make our coops what they are today. This was really funny to read, good job.

  9. Our chicken coop is giant. Like I actually have no clue how it ended up being so tall or who thought that would be a good idea. But, we persisted as a group and got over the challenges that our monster of a chicken coop brought to us. Also, its good that we had you in our group because you were actually tall enough to build on it.

  10. Jacob your chicken coop is great! I know in the beginning we were all a bit confused and skeptical of how it would turn it, but it looks great and is unique from all the other coops in a good way! I think this class has been great for you because it’s caused you get your hands a little dirty which is something most of us thought you would never do. Ms. O must be miracle worker for helping to make that happen. Your coop looks great I hope your group is proud of themselves.

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