Time to Nail it!

As we continue to build our playhouses, the amount of days left to finish them become more and more scarce. With about a month left of school worry arises as it is obvious that there is a lot of work to be done. As my group looks over our half empty checklist a sense of urgency looms over us. Each day is precious and there is no time to waste.Only about one month ago our group, consisting of Kenny, Hayes, Hunter, and I were contemplating what the theme of our playhouse should be. After a short discussion it was obvious that making it saloon themed would be the best option, considering what supplies we had at hand.

We had already made the basic frame of the playhouse so now we just had to add various other elements to match the idea. It began with adding worn-out planks to the front of our playhouse to make it look older and more rugged. Hayes and I got them all screwed in and added any smaller pieces to make sure none of the insulation was showing through. To get rid of any apparent blemishes, we gave it a quick skim with the sander. While this was going on Kenny and Hunter started making a swinging door, much like one that you might see on an old western T.V show or movie. They found two suitable pieces of wood and cut them to fit in the door frame with a little space left over. To give it the authentic saloon look they cut curves into the top of the doors so they met at a peak. After, they screwed hinges into the frames and connected the two pieces allowing them to swing into the playhouse.

The vision was starting to turn into a reality and we began to feel optimistic. Perhaps we peaked too soon as my group finds itself in a bit of a slump. Many mornings we struggle to motivate ourselves to complete what we are hoping to accomplish in that given day. Other days we are missing group members or we have to go do something else regarding the class. We have been moving much slower but I am thinking that our workday on the 14th will allow us to get back to speed with the other groups. So far through this process I feel as if I have learned valuable skills to use in home improvements or other building projects. Before taking this class I really had no building skills at all. Besides helping my dad with a couple easy home improvements I was new to all this. The tools, the terms, the noise, everything. It took a little time, but eventually I adjusted to the new environment and began honing in my skills. Now, I feel like I can help others with building projects of their own and actually know enough to be a valuable asset. Other courses I am taking teach me content I might never use again, but in engineering I am actually acquiring valuable knowledge I can use in the future. I am probably never going to use half the stuff I am being taught in pre-calculus, but I might need to know how to use a chop saw, drill, or nail gun. Coming into this class I was skeptical but I now know that it is definitely worth my time. If I could go back, I might have even taken engineering before this year. But that is not important right now. We have very little time left to complete our playhouses with the school year coming to a close. Next thing we know it time will be up. But If we put our minds to it, I have no doubt that we are all going to nail it!


  1. Well now that the project is over, I can say you did nail it, because your playhouse looks great. Love the saloon theme and the nice wood you guys used, really provides an authentic feel. Great blog!

  2. As a member of your group Cameron, I think this is a very accurate blog. We share similar struggles, but I believe if we stick together as a team anything is possible and we can finish the playhouse.

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