This is what it is all about after all

I was very very excited about this class from the very beginning. I had only ever talked to Ms. Oropallo once before, soI did not really know what to expect of her. I remember the first project we did, which was making a wooden spoon from a block of wood, I got 99/100. I thought “hey I am pretty good”. In reality the spoon was disproportional, and I think Ms. Oropallo was just trying to be nice.

Now we are working on building playhouses. My group is almost done because once I got started it was hard to stop so I took extra time to come in and work on it. Now I think, “hey I could be an engineer if I wasn’t so bad at math because getting measurements wrong is a leading cause in the playhouse problems, if anyone else relates you know what I mean.” I’ve learned how to use a lot of tools like the chop saw the table saw, but the most dangerous of all is the hand air blower. You might be thinking why is that so dangerous, well, I had a very frightening experience with it.It started off like a day no other, Except I had forgotten my hair tie and I was like oh well. Ms Oropallo gets on peoplefor having there hair down but that day I didn’t see it as a problem I believe all I was doing was using a nail gun. Everyone in the class has a part to clean up at the end of the day. Mine is to clean up the band saws and sanders, I use this air blower to get all the wood dust off the tools. As I was doing such, I was not paying attention and it was to close to my hair. My hair got sucked up to the turbines and I had to pull it out . All I was thinking was , crap Ms Oropallo always said something like this would happen. I was hoping that she wouldn’t come see what I was up to. Luckily she didn’t and I used my hands to rip my hair out, from the turbines. I think I went a little bald that day. Now I am a outside sweeper . But it’s always a funny story to look back on. A tool that I would have never thought would do something like that.There is one more tool that I had a lot of trouble with, and that is a pre drill I think I broke eight of them within two weeks. It doesn’t seem like much but when eight is all you have for a whole class people start to notice they are missing pre drill bits. Now I take my chances and never pre drill only when I am worried about the wood splitting.This had easily became my favorite class with one of my favorite teacher. I can’t imagine what this year would be like if i hadn’t taken this class, I have made many small mistakes in my building throughout the year, most all fixable but, it’s not just about the building. It is also about the atmosphere and spirit that everyone has when they began their building for the day.Everyone is filled with energy and creative ideas. This is what it is all about after all.


  1. Engineering and building is a great skill to master and use later on in life. And we have all messed up measurements in our group not going to mention names but it begins with a K and ends with ENNY.

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