When I first walked into this class, I must admit that I was skeptical. I had never really enjoyed building, and, although I had heard many good things about this class from previous students, I was doubtful as to the extent to which I would enjoy the class. Even the first few weeks of instruction and the initial spoon project were things I found to be quite tedious. However, as soon as we really started building, and working on the Greenhouse and shed, it all turned out to be worth it. I had an amazing experience and would love to continue with engineering in the future. This class has encouraged me to be creative and try to do more things for myself. For example, I was going to buy a shelf for my room at a store like IKEA, but instead I decided to use the skills I have learned in this class to try and make one, and it turned out just fine. The skills we learn in the class are essential lifelong skills like no other we learn in any other class. In classes like math I often begin to feel uninspired because I simply cannot understand that there will ever be any real world application of what I learn there. But in Engineering, I know that what I learn are things that can be used on a daily basis on a practical level. Not only do we learn basic building skills in this class, we also learn how to work in a team and work under a foreman which are both very important skills for the workforce. Another thing that is really great about this class is that it is a great release at the end of the school day. In a Junior year saturated with AP classes and exams that can be very stressful at times, at the end of a long day full of these things sometimes it can be great to focus on nothing more than the project at hand. In addition to this, there were days in this class that I did feel uninspired while working on a project, but the fact that we were able to choose what we were working on and switch to working on something like the trash to treasure project when we didn’t really feel like we had much to do while working on the greenhouse in the garden or Dan’s shed was a really important thing I feel. I also feel that I have grown significantly through this class as well. It has really taught me a number of things about persevering to work on a projection and continue to do so to completion, because when you are finally finished, the feeling really is amazing.

As stated in my previous paragraph, there are some things that are really amazing about this class, but there are also some things that could be improved upon as well. For instance, as I stated at the beginning of the year I feel that there could have been ways to make the projects and learning the tools more engaging. One particular thing that could have been done would be to give us an option on projects at the beginning in which the students could have the option to work on the spoon or something else that would still build basic skills and help us learn how to use the tools. This is because I found the spoon project really tedious and just wanted to get it done so we could move on to other stuff, but I could have been more engaged by an another project. All in all this class was a really awesome and unique experience. I would take this class again next year in a heartbeat, The one moment that sticks in my mind the most is when Ben Kanter and I were chipping of paint from the doors on the greenhouse in the rain, what many would have considered a miserable time, but we really did have a lot of fun.

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