This Class Brings us Together

Ever since freshman year I have been excited about engineering class. When I first heard whispers about the class among my classmates, and when I saw what the seniors at the time were doing, I knew I would love it. I was raised in a family who wasn’t so amused with the prospect of physical labor around the house (i.e. building a fence, chopping down trees), so the work was usually pawned off to professionals.

Seeing those professionals work their magic amused me as a kid, and I started to conjure up ideas of myself building glorious contraptions and revolutionary machines; maybe it fostered my entrepreneurial mindset today. But unfortunately, the extent of my school work and various activities prevented me from becoming the acclaimed engineer I had dreamed of being. I felt like I had no creative freedom throughout middle school and my early years of high school, though the MarinSEL projects did help. But when junior year finally rolled around, I was ecstatic to get building, and I can certainly say that the class has proven my anticipation worth it.
This year has been amazing. I can now use tools that I had previously never heard of, and I would confidently say that I can build a playhouse better than my parents would be able to. The skills I have learned will help me throughout life and will allow me to save money when my kids need a playhouse some day. I am glad that I can work a variety of tools and that I will never have to quiver when being asked to cut a 2×4 on a chop saw. I thank Ms. Oropallo for being an amazing teacher and friend throughout the year.
But all of this is not to say that the year is over. My team and I still have to finish our two story playhouse‒featuring a fire pole and a climbing wall‒and we are dreading the upcoming painting process. We are confident that our playhouse will do good at market, as every second grader wanted to slide down the pole for hours when they visited our class. I look forward to finishing the playhouse, but I really do not look forward to this year ending.
Other than the playhouse, there are many other things that have made engineering class so great. For one example, turning a block of wood into a wooden spoon that I now use regularly in my kitchen. Or going on multiple field trips to green buildings and building material stores. Or making tool boxes, and much more. But making the playhouse was the main focus of this semester, so there wasn’t any spare time to do other projects. The last reason that this year’s class has been so great is that us classmates have all come together and become much closer. Because we are all going through the stress of junior year, the playhouse time gives us a chance to relieve some stress and get in the zone while we build. As we watch each other’s progress, we continue to debate over who’s playhouse will be the best and we come together over building techniques and making suggestions to each other. As I said, and I think my teammates Chip, Andreas, and Nich would agree, our playhouse is going to be the best and the kids will love it the most; it might even sell for the most.
­Everson Smith


  1. This is one of the best blogs I have read so far Everson. The backstory about your family and then your late middle school early high school experience helped me see how much this class has given you. I also really liked your comment about the class allowing us to get in the zone.

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