The Ups and Downs

At the beginning of the year, I didn’t know what to expect to come out of the junior engineering class. Would it be fun, would it be boring, would it be hard, I had no idea. And when I heard that we were making a playhouse, I honestly was not excited in the least. Starting out the year making the spoon also lead me to believe that the class would be kinda boring. The playhouse has been a completely different challenge though.

Starting the playhouse almost didn’t feel real. The project seemed way too big to finish in the little time we had in the class. That has been a worry throughout the year, but is now starting to really be the main focus at the moment in the class, coming so close to the end of the year. But I really want to focus on my interest in the project. When we began and everything was quick and easy measurements, I thought it would be a breeze and we would finish in no time. I was mistaken. There are so many little things that take up so much time it makes it hard to look ahead and figure out what we have to do. There were many days where I would just wander around and do nothing productive for the entire hour and a half class. That’s when I really felt that this project was not fun and wanted to just be done with it. But I also have many days where our whole group works throughout the whole class and we get a lot of work done. That’s when I feel accomplished and think that finishing this thing will be easier then I thought. This feeling for me shifts. Sometimes I feel one way, other days my mood is different. So overall I think that this project is hit or miss. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for upcoming classes that are taking engineering. It’s too big of a project to deal with in a semester. Although most of the groups are on their way to finishing, it has absolutely been a stretch. Some groups are farther than others for different reasons. Some would stay after class and during lunch and tutorial to work on it, some people just worked very diligently in their allotted time. But it’s difficult to focus on a task every class for the short amount of time we have. I’m not taking anything away from Ms. O however. She has done a great job with her class and I really enjoy it. Her composure with us from the beginning of the year has been very professional and she has worked very hard to provide us with a great engineering experience. We have all gotten more mature as the year has gone on. No more talking over her, no more disruptions, everyone just wants to work and get their playhouses done and she sees that. Kids are working hard all class trying to turn their vision into a masterpiece. I think that the second graders will all be very pleased with the products we will be providing them with. Although we weren’t able to include some of their additions like a pool or a zip line, we still adhered to some of their requirements including windows, swinging doors, a climbing wall, a roof you can walk on, a swing, and many other perks. I also think it is very cool that we are donating one of the playhouses. When Ms. O said this was gonna happen, I right away volunteered the playhouse our group is making. I just thought that there are many unfortunate situations in our community and maybe with this playhouse we can turn some people around. Just an idea but maybe it could work. Overall, this class has been a great experience and I have really learned a lot. There are many things that I couldn’t have learned outside of this class, but since I was in the class, I got a lot knowledge that can actually help in my daily life now and in the future.


  1. Your guys’ playhouse turned out amazing to say the least. You did a great job stepping up your game this semester Hayes. Can’t wait to see what the furture of our internship holds for us!

  2. I have a similar time, sometimes I felt like there wasn’t anything to do but other days an hour and a half wasn’t enough time to finish everything. It is really amazing that all the groups were able to finish their playhouses.

  3. We definitely did not have much time to work on out playhouses. I think we should’ve started in the first semester, that way we would have time to add details to our playhouses and make them look even cooler.

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