The Tale of Andrew Pham

Hello. For some who don’t know me, you’re about to. And if you know me, you know what to expect from this. I’m Andrew Pham and to be straight up, I hate school. Coming in as a junior into Terra Linda Highshool I came in pissed off the fact my time was gonna be wasted some more by this stupid system known as “school”. I came a long way from being a ignorant teenager to a less ignorant teenager. With that being said, I am not perfect but I am trying each day to progress, take in more knowledge, and this class helps me do so.

When coming into this year I talked about having my time wasted. What I mean by this of course was learning subjects I did not care about , and enduring Terra Linda’s try to teach students and test method. Once I stepped foot into Ms.O’s class, I’m not gonna lie, I was bored. Why? Because it was all talk and annoying people from class talking about futile subjects. All that being said everything changed when we actually learned how to make spoons. It seems dumb and simple but this taught me alot. Through the course of making spoons, I learned to use a plethora of tools and instruments to finness my spoon. In the end it wasn’t so great, but I’m glad it turned out bad. I’m glad because it taught me not everything I do is going to be good right away. It taught me that if I wanted something to look nice it was going to take time and rentless effort.

The playhouse project has taught me the most so far about life. It has taught me about time, effort, school,people, and communicating. During the making of my playhouse it really opened my third eye. I realized in this class that anything was possible if you could provide effort to back it up. I also realized how incredibly lucky I am to be in this class, where you can move around , be free, think outside the box insted of being trapped in a cell inside the Terra Linda building. I found out that I learn best by watching other people first and then apptempting to do something myself. This helped me discover more about myself as well as creating myself.

Before making groups for the playhouse, I was the one man crew type of person unless I met people I could relate with and work with. After being put into groups and working through the semester I came to conclusion that, that hasn’t changed. I still have my differences with people in my class and that’s not gonna change. But what I did take out of this was that it was best to stay in my own lane and stay focused.

I don’t know why, but talking to others was a problem of mine. But this class pretty much destroyed that problem when I was forced to either asked to borrow tools, how to use tools, ask for help, and as well as talk to others in my class. This class really helped me to talk to others in a nice way. This may sound un-student like or what not, but its truth and reality so there’s no easy way to sugar coat it. Everything being read here is 100% truth from Andrew Pham’s perspective. Believe it.

This class I find at times is therapeutic. It may sound odd but it really is. The fact that I’m setting my own pace and doing my own thing while people do there stuff is nice, because they don’t have to pester me. Plus this is the one of few classes that I actually like because I get to do what I want. It isn’t some forced assignment or hoop to jump through, its pure innovation. Because this class lets me do things by motavation instead of force, for once I’m humbly pleased with my creation. Here’s picture of me and my fellow comrade Everson Smith standing outside of my playhouse, and me on top of it. All photo credits to the one and only Andreas Meshcheryakov.


  1. I think you described what a lot of us feel about this class, and hit what we feel on the head. It’s been an interesting year, and I hope to continue working in projects like this one in years to come!

  2. Wow Andrew, I know at the beginning of the blog you said we know what to expect from you in this, but this is not what I expected. Your blog seemed really genuine which others in our class have difficulty doing. Thank you for breaking that trend and being real with the audience. Believed it.

  3. I loved how honest the article is and can relate to several points especially the dislike for standard classes. I think you’ve shown real growth in this class and I’m impressed with your work.

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