Preface: Our chicken coop is called the coop and has been designed by the dream team, the Three Golden Eggs. Nathan so elegantly named himself the Best Egg, I deemed myself the Golden Egg, and Georgina so accurately named herself the Rotten Egg.

On Friday we build the egg box.

Now, this egg box was originally going to sit inside our coop and house four nesting boxes for the four hens that will be soon living in our lovely contraption. We had sketched the plan, measured the requirements and had everything in order for completion of our fantastic egg box. It would have a door that dropped down, a lovely, vintage latch to hold it up, and maybe even a hand made chicken mosaic on it. It was to sit on the plywood part of the coop floor and complete symmetry between the door and the window.

Our egg box was going to be utterly perfect.

So on Friday we cut the wood, began to drill and picture our lovely egg box that would soon complete our design. We knew that it was going splendid. Nathan measured and cut oh-so-accurately, I pre-drilled and readied all of our tools, and Georgina was ready to screw the pieces together. If you were too glance over on that Friday, early afternoon, we would look like we had it all together.

At the last minute, the Rotten Egg decided that it may be wise to, maybe, double check the measurements and make sure that we were on track for success. She gracefully gathered the pieces and dashed outside, and in but-a-minute was back, just as gracefully as she had left. She walked back up to our table, and without a word I grabbed the wood back, and once again, we were back on track for success.

Just as Nathan raised the drill for the first screw, with only seconds to act, Georgina yelled, “WAIT GUYS, HOLD ON.” With shock, we looked over panicked at out obvious error. “Guys, it’s off. The measurement is off. Our egg box will not fit into our coop.” In horror, I grabbed a piece and ran outside to confirm our fatal error.

And it was true. Our boxes were too deep to fit into our coop without blocking the window AND the door.

I scrambled back in and we consulted each other in the most solemn of fashions. It was decided that we would perch the boxes on the outside of our coop, with a door on top and the same lovely, little, vintage latch. We continued with triumph, proud of the grace and speed to which we altered the design of The Coop.

With a newfound pep in our steps, we continued to bicker and mock as we worked along. All was as it should be amongst the Golden Eggs. We recut our small fixes and were off again, with a mission to finish the egg box. Hastily we drilled and measured until we had 4 walls up, and Georgina so brilliantly, proposed that we might go check the measurements. To our delightment, it worked! It fit right onto the side.

At this point we felt ready to be done with our boxes, and with haste, went inside. For validation, I checked with Ms. Oropallo. that our box was all set. And that is when she told us the bad news: The top of the boxes would have to slant downward to allow rain to flow off.

“OH WELL,” Nathan said, and we altered the angles, widened the top, framed it, and prepared for completion, this time with a little less enthusiasm. In synchronization we finished the framing, tucked the box into its coop for a good night sleep, put the tarp on The Coop to shield it from the rain, and with a sigh of relief, knew that those darn egg boxes were going to be just fine.
And so that concludes the story of the infamous egg box, that so bluntly challenged our team, but forced us to think beyond our plans, and encouraged communication and innovation from the Golden Eggs.



  1. This was hilarious Mina! I can understand the pain of realizing you messed somethin up while you’re building a section of your coop. It’s utterly heartbreaking in my oppinion. But it’s great that you guys knew how to fix it.

  2. This blog is so cute! I love the nicknames! Our group too had some trouble with our egg box, measurements can be so frustrating! I’m glad everything worked out! Great job this year!

  3. Oh my this was hilarious Mina. I really enjoyed this story and love how you give all of the specifics. It gives great insight to the dynamics of your team and in how you work. The nicknames were the cherry on top!

  4. Very Interesting blog Mina. It is interesting how differently we experienced the same events. I share your subtle distaste for The Rotten Egg.

    The story of our egg box was a perfect microcosm of our adventures this year, with its challenges, hardships, and… well… Georgina. Hopefully the rest of the year will go smoothly, as we still have much to do.

  5. HAHAHAHA your nicknames are hilarious oh my god! Mina that was the most adorable and engaging story ever awe i smiled reading it the whole time! Working next to your coop is so fun because your team is always laughing and working hard! Your egg boxes look great AND the door squeaks when it opens so you know you’ve really won.

  6. I love the way you told this as if it were a story. I agree, the rotten egg must be georgina ;). You seem to manage mistakes very well, I know my group and I would have had a mini tantrum

  7. Correction- YOU GUYS NAMED ME THE ROTTEN EGG!!! And theres still time for a chicken mosaic, and I will gladly make it ahahahahah! The amount of measurement mistakes we have made it unbelievable, but we still have the best coop 😉 We are almost done, we got this!!

  8. i love the nicknames its so cute! our group too had lots of trouble with measurements but i’m glad you were able to figure it all out after all the struggling. your coops going to be great i cant wait to see it!!

  9. I love the way you structured your blog you really conveyed the message in story form, which was fun to read. It’s great to see that your group overcame a struggle. I can’t wait to see how your coop turns out in the end.

  10. I loves this!! I loved how you told it in a narrative story form and it made me laugh! Your group sounds like a lot of fun and I lobe how your coop has turned out so far. I can relate to measuring things wrong and I can’t wait to see your competed coop!

  11. Mina, I liked how your post was structured. I felt like I was reading an article, but you also but a lot of personal commentary into it which was nice to see. I enjoyed how your story revolves around something so small like the egg boxes, yet incorporates many key themes of the class. Well done.

  12. This was so funny!! I agree, Georgina is the rotten egg. I loved the way you presented your blog, in story form. Your coop is lookin great and can’t wait to see it when it’s done.

  13. You’re such a good writer!! I enjoyed this story because I can relate to having to re-do something over and over again. I saw you today installing it having some issues, so I hope you got that figured out!

  14. Mina I loved how you told a story! You are truly a wonderful writer! I love how you all have egg names that match so perfectly to your personalities and it sounds exactly like what you all would say. I know exactly how you all felt with your measurement mishaps because it happens to me all the time. I’m so glad you were able to overcome it your coop looks great!

  15. Mina I love the egg nicknames! Reading your blog was like reading a story; it was so funny and adorable! I’m glad that your entire egg-team was able to tackle a potential dilemma with undying positivity and enthusiasm, ultimately succeeding in your endeavor to create a perfect egg box. Great job!!

  16. Great job Mina! It always seems like the little tasks are the ones that morph in to something entirely more daunting, but I’m glad to hear that your group overcame the struggle.

  17. Mina I loved how you told a story, whereas a lot of people started out by talking about the beginning of the class to where they are now. I love how you all named yourself an egg and I can’t wait to see how your coop turns out in the end!

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