Sustainable Technology

When you think technology you usually think computers, phones and all sorts of new gadgets. You will often see new products being released quicker than some people can afford to buy them. For example phone companies are always striving to gain the upper hand, so they are constantly releasing new phones every six months with new updates. These updates usually allow the phone to run faster and smoother.

A similar process occurs with environmental technology. Many popular forms of environmental technology that you may encounter in your daily life are electric cars, solar panels, wind turbines, and sustainable buildings. Scientists are constantly doing research and working on creating “updates” to the technology to help it be more efficient, cheaper and better for the environment. As your reading this many scientists all over the world are making amazing discoveries that are helping us advance in all fields including those that help and directly correlate to the environment. However environmental technology does not have to be fancy electronics, circuits and stuff the average Joe might have difficulty understanding.

One form of environmental technology that I have not yet mentioned is sustainable technology. Before we can comprehend what that means we have to understand the definition of technology. Technology is the production of goods or services that can help make the life of the user better or simpler in any way. There are two types of sustainable technology. Technology that is created to be sustainable in its use, and technology that is created in a sustainable process. In our Marin School of Environmental Leadership (or MSEL for short) Engineering Program we will do and create the second type of sustainable technology. Last year the 2014- 2015 MSEL engineering students used this idea to create chicken coops using recycled or donated wood that would have gone to waste otherwise. While this might not strike you as technology, a chicken coop is a good that helps benefit the chickens and their owner’s lives. This year our class also plans on creating some sustainable technology. Our goal is to be as sustainable as possible and create new playhouse and play structures for elementary school kids at some of the local schools. This means that we will have to use all the tools, Ms. Oropallo’s guidance and experience and lots of sustainable materials to create some interesting, fun and most importantly safe structures for the kids. This school year and engineering class appears to be an exciting one with lots of potential and I personally look forward to seeing the creative juices flowing and channeled into this year’s projects. Stay tuned for more updates on this year’s successes of the 2017 MSEL graduating class in Engineering.

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