A lot of us entered this class with the assumption that we knew enough about engineering to get by. We couldn’t have been more wrong.

Throughout the course of the year, we’ve been learning all of the intricacies and subtleties, the tips and tricks, and the value of all of the tools in the generic workshop.

We’ve learned to utilize all of the tools at our disposal over the last couple months, mostly due to the playhouse project that we’ve set out for ourselves to do.

In my experience, I’m working with Lukas and Sami on our playhouse with the intention of creating a second floor at some point. While we’re not sure we’ll get to it, it’s one of our stretch goals to be able to do that.

As of now, we’re working on maintaining the structural integrity of the project, and making sure that we cut and place everything correctly. All of this wouldn’t be possible with the skills that we’ve all learned in the shop. Me and Lukas do most of the installation of pieces, while Sami does the majority of the calculation inside of the shop. We use a lot of the skills that we’ve learned over the past couple months to improve our design, and to make as safe of a playhouse as we can.

With these skills in mind, we’ve been able to bring our ideas to life, as we begin to actually solidify a structure for the playhouse. Through the nailing and the screwing, the measuring and the cutting, the carrying and the drawing, we’re making it happen.

I’m excited to be able to continue working with my group on my playhouse, as it’s going to be awesome to see a finally finished product. Me and my group work hard to complete as much as we can every day, and we’ve finally caught up to other groups, despite our number disadvantage. While I think we’re still slightly behind schedule, we’ve caught up with the pack, and there’s definitely no signs that we’re stopping anytime soon.

Every day, we learn more and continue to use our skills that we’ve learned in order to further ourselves in this project. I’m definitely learning as much, if not more in engineering than most of my other classes that I’m in. All of the useful and applicable information will become incredibly handy later in life, I’m sure. I’m incredibly thankful for the experience to be able to learn so much about construction and engineering, because I know that it’s going to be necessary for me to know at some point.

I’m hoping for a successful couple months ahead, and if everything goes right, we’ll get everything we want done. Although I’m sure it won’t be easy, it’s definitely going to be fun, and I can’t wait to get back in there to continue getting the job done. Working with friends, and competing to create the best playhouse, is definitely a lot of fun.

We intend to finish our playhouse on time, and to please as many kids as possible with our design. Our intention always had kids in mind, and we want to make sure every one of our priorities takes into account what any kid would want. It sets our extra work for us, but we’re willing to go the extra mile to assure the future playhouse owners that everything we did was heartfelt and thought out.

Be sure to come by and check out our progression as a class!


  1. Sounds like it needs an update because your playhouse turned out great! Good job and I like how you put the beginning, we have all been trying to figure the tools out and now we’ve mastered them.

  2. It was great fun to work with you Ian! The second floor was definitely a stretch, and I’m sad that we didn’t get to it. The playhouse still looks awesome! Awesome work with the building this semester.

  3. This blog is really interesting to read because It appears to be written a couple of months ago maybe. Your thoughts and feelings back then have me reminiscent of my own. Great Job, hope it turned out how you wanted it to.

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