Not Another Chicken Coop Blog!

Shuffling feet, grunting and groaning, and grudgingly completing the task is all that you would expect to find at the MarinSEL Engineering class on Friday, May 15th, as the class worked to move the largest, and by far the heaviest of the seven chicken coops. Yes, they are finally completed too!

I’m sure you’ve all heard plenty about the chicken coops being built, and you’re probably thinking, “Oh no! Not another blog about the progress of the chicken coops!” Not to worry, we’re over that too. Plus, there are plenty of others things to talk about. For example, we just made solar-powered phone chargers, some students tried their hand at welding, others spoke at the Marinovators event and now, we’re building a fenced-in area around the chicken coop near our school garden.
What we have been noticing about the MarinSEL Engineering class is that it is, as cheesy as it sounds, making us a stronger team. Personally, I think our teamwork in this particular class has accumulated throughout the year, but this Friday, when we moved the Mansion Chicken Coop into the Terra Linda garden, we were able to demonstrate it so clearly. With around ten students carrying the coop from all sides, and the remaining walking alongside cheering us on, I couldn’t help but smile at the scene.
Basically, the chicken coop project, now having come to an official end, gave us this opportunity to become a stronger class as a whole, and we can now use that in every aspect of the class to come. The time we made solar chargers, every student helped the others put them together (can I get a #goodteamwork). We are about to build a fenced in area for the chickens in the garden, a task to be completed by the entire class, the teamwork learned from the previous projects will be instrumental in completing our next endeavour.
Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much,” like moving a gargantuan (yes, I used the thesaurus) chicken coop up a hill!
Truly, we’ve had a blast this year in Ms. O’s class and lucky for us, we still have a month left! That means, more laughs, finishing, and maybe even starting some super cool new projects, and of course, more chances to learn new skills, whether life lessons or learning how to use a new tool.

by Dahlya and Ava


  1. Why can’t I watch the video?????? Oh well, I can just read the blog. You’re right – together, we make a better, stronger team. The whole chicken coop experience (oh no, not another chicken coop comment!) totally proves that.

  2. lol this blog is cute, you made me giggle just a tiny bit xD no but seriously it has brought us together more and i loved when we used teamwork to move everything down from the attic to outside, we were like a Ford assembly line

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