As you’ve read from the past blog posts, Mrs. O’s MSEL Engineering class is obviously a favorite. Its a place for love, laughter, and learning. When I walk into class I expect to have fun, learn new things, and be productive. Luckily, all of those expectations are fulfilled every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

As a part of MarinSEL, I was given the chance to share a specific set of classes with a group of amazing people every year throughout my high school experience. And when I say people, I don’t just mean my fellow classmates, I mean my teachers as well. Good hearted, genuine, helpful teachers are very hard to find, in my opinion. But, with MarinSEL I have had little to no trouble locating these wonderful people. From seminar with Tow, to history with Robins, to engineering with Oropallo. I don’t think I am the first, or the last to say that teachers have a big impact on the life of a student, and Ms. Oropallo definitely has a positive one. Her teaching style some how fits all of her students learning styles and it makes for a very low stress and fun work period. Because I’ve spent so much time with these people, we have become just like a family. Not only is there love for each other, but there is definitely a love for this engineering class.

My favorite activity so far has been the chicken coops, of course. But, the project that I have learned the most from so far, was the spoon project. I am a perfectionist, so if there is one little thing out of place, it causes me to start all over. Unfortunately, I messed up bit and was really really bothered my mistake. Ms. O then shared her wisdom with me. “In engineering, not everything will be perfect and that’s okay, if you don’t tell them they won’t notice.” Which ended up being true, I gave the spoon to my sister and she couldn’t tell at all, she didn’t even believe that I had made it! I have used this very important lesson with my chicken coop. My group and I have made multiple mistakes but we were able to think up a solution and make our coop even better. I now understand that imperfections and mistakes can be a good thing. Especially when those mistakes come with laughter, and they usually do in my group. I am so excited to see what my chicken coop will look like when it is completely done, but so far it looks great, I think.

When I think about my future and get lectures from various counselors and teachers, I never hear them mention jobs involving wood work. Its usually things like lawyer, doctor, or teacher. It’s nice knowing that I have the experience to know whether this is something I would like to do with my future or not. I am interested in this line of work and am eager to see what I decide and where I end up. I’m extremely thankful that I have gotten the chance to be involved in this class and program. I’ve learned about different tools, different styles of roofs, and different types of wood, etc. Hopefully by the time summer comes I will be able to remember all of the names, and Ms. O’s quizizz will certainly help me do that. This class is the only thing that gets me through my long days filled with history and math. Its also great to have a place where I can get out any anger or frustration I’m feeling, even if that frustration is coming from what I’m building. My experience in this class has been nothing but great. I am looking forward to selling my coop and seeing it in someones backyard, because I know it will look amazing. Honestly, I don’t know how Ms. Oropallo does all of the these things, maybe its the coffee, but I sure am lucky that she does.


  1. I really agree with what you are saying here Georgina. I think that Ms. O is one of the most consistent teachers in the school and the project and experimental based learning serves everyone well. I love the pictures of you guys working on your coop and love how it has turned out!

  2. Georgina, first of all I want to tell you that your post is so so good, it really reflects your warm, kind personality and I really appreciate it and you. Secondly, I cannot agree with you more about Mrs. O’s excellent teaching style. You reminded me how thankful I am to have my MSEL class and teachers.

  3. I am also interested in this line of work and was before Ms. O class, thank god Ms. Oropollo has allowed us to learn more about it! Im super excited to see how your coop turns out, keep up the good work!

  4. Great blog, i can’t fully relate because I’m not a perfectionist, but i understand at the same time because my spoon didn’t come out as good as i wanted it to be. I too love the msel teachers, especially Ms.O, and appriciate their support! Can’t wait to see your coop!

  5. I can relate to so much of this. Really good teachers aren’t always easy to come by but when you get one, it can reshape your entire school year. This class is definitely a great place to get anger and frustration out. There aren’t many other classes where you can hit things super hard and yell, so I’m glad we have Engineering!

  6. Georgina- Our chicken coop group has been through a… unique experience. This was a great blog post and I totally empathize with what you went through. MSEL Engineering is a highlight for me as well. Great Job!

  7. It is so true that great teachers are hard to come by. We’re so lucky to be able to have some pretty great teachers through MSEL. A lot of people in our class seem to be perfectionists and I think engineering has helped many of them to not stress over the little things that don’t matter. Great blog Georgina!

  8. Great blog! I can’t really relate because i’m not a perfectionist but I know how much of one you are so i bet it was challenging. Your coop looks great and I can’t wait to see how it turns out at the end.

  9. Georgina your post makes me feel warm fuzzies! So cute, and I loved how you mentioned our little MSEL fam. Your writing is concise and distinct and your coop is looking fantastic! keep Loving and laughing and learning.

  10. Love and laughter is definitely a big part of the class. I think you are an amazing person as well. I can very much relate to the spoon project with you because it took my a pretty long time to perfect my spoon. Your coop is looking great and Ms. O is right about the ” mistakes” I can’t even tell. I can’t wait to see your coop.

  11. Aww I loved reading your blog Georgina! I am a perfectionist too and it’s ok to make mistakes in engineering because it’s really easy to cover it up and you can hardly tell. I am super excited to see how your coop turns out in the end!

  12. Georgina,
    Your blog was really great. I agree that in engineering, One cannot be a perfectionist and everything can’t be perfect. I agree with your statement that the spoon project was a highlight.

  13. Teachers really do make a difference in school life, its crazy! We are so glad to have Ms.O and all of the other MarinSEL teachers mentioned. I wish I could have seen your spoon, I’m sure it looked great!!!!

  14. I really liked your blog post! I hope I eventually learn the names through those quizizz’s too! I can’t wait to see what your coop ends up like! (also I agree with Sophia about the coffee :))

  15. We did make some mistakes…. but, like you said, we had the tools and resources to overcome them:) While our coop isn’t perfect, I think that it is pretty great, and as a team, we balance out well. You being a perfectionist really helps us take a step back when we are in a time crunch, and it makes our coop all the better! You really nailed the post, Georgina! (get the pun???)

  16. Great blog post Georgina! I understand the struggle of learning to except that mistakes aren’t a big deal, and can be easily fixed. It hard going from math class ,where there is one correct answer, to engineering, where there are thousands!

  17. I agree, it’s hard at first to realize that not everything has to be perfect in order to be well done. I like how you are becoming confident in your wood working skills and I hope you do consider a career in engineering! Good job! (p.s. I do not think it is the coffee, definitely not haha)

  18. Great Job Georgina! The spoon project was definitely a favorite, but difficult for the many perfectionists in our class. I feel like our class grows closer as a group every time we work together in engineering.

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