Every Wednesday and Friday, I look forward to the same thing, engineering class. When first starting the class, I was skeptical that I would enjoy it as much as past classes. The past three classes had said nothing but amazing things about the class and I just hoped for a similar experience. Going into the first day, I was honestly a little nervous because I had minimal experience with power tools and knew very little about how to build anything. At first sight, I was intimidated by all the big and bulky tools that I knew I was bound to use. My anxiety only grew more when Ms. Oropallo was explaining the various tools because everything she said ended with a warning because most of the tools have the potential to seriously injure someone. I doubted, and still do a little, why she trusts us, a bunch of 16-17 year olds- most of us having no experience at all with tools, to use such powerful and dangerous contraptions. However, I soon realized that I had almost nothing to worry about. When we started on our spoons, I felt comfortable using the chisel and even the bandsaw, even though it scared me at first. I surprised myself with the outcome of my spoon and it felt rewarding to hold something that I created with my own two hands. This feeling of empowerment is what brings me back to the class every Wednesday and Friday. I never thought I would see myself so anxious to build, but I’ve discovered a new outlet to let out my frustrations because nothing helps let out your anger more than hammering a nail in using all your power.

Engineering is like the light at the end of a tunnel for me. My other classes on these days, U.S. History and Algebra 2, literally put me to sleep and can be frustrating topics to understand. My math and history classes both take a more hands off approach compared to engineering, so it feels good to experience different type of learning experience.

    Engineering class also gives me a sense of purpose. I come to class everyday because I enjoy it, but I also come because I can’t let my team down. My group and I’s chicken coop is quite large which has caused us to fall behind schedule making every work period and helping hand valuable. The chicken coop group sizes are pretty small, about 4 people in each group, therefore, if even one person from our group is missing, we may not reach our goals for the day. This sense of purpose feels like less of a burden, but more of an opportunity to grow, strive, and be efficient. The sense of purpose mixed with the feeling of accomplishment that I feel in this class is what makes it truly special and unique.


  1. Mady, I think that all the tools were a little intimidating at first, but as the class went on I am glad that I became more comfortable with them and got to know them. Great Job. I am excited to see your coop at the end.

  2. HAHAH Im just waiting until I drop something and get injured because I feel like it will happen at some point. I totally agree, I hate letting my team down and loosing valuable work time. Keep up the good work Mady!!!

  3. I too really enjoy engineering, especially after a long day. I can also sympathize with your hesitation with some of the more complex tools. Last year I took engineering outside of Msel as an elective, and was scared to death by the chop saws.

  4. Mady, I love how you mentioned the team aspect of engineering class, I totally feel the same way! If you don’t go to the class for your own enjoyment, it is to help your friends succeed, which I think is a powerful incentive.

  5. I totally agree. Engineering Class is such a great opportunity for all of us and we all enjoy it. It is so cool that we have something to show for what we have learned this year. I wish we could have this class again next year!

  6. Nice blog Mady! i agree my other classes can be frustrating and difficult for me to understand or even sit through. I was also scared at first when Mrs.O warned us about all the tools and potential injury that could come with using them. I love your groups coop and i cant wait to see it finished!

  7. Mady, I totally relate to your words! This class too fills me with so much energy and a sense of purpose and is also incredibly empowering. Coming to class is something I am super excited about also, it is definitely not a chore. Awesome job!

  8. Mady,
    I liked how you had a great introduction to your blog. You established a great hook and talked about what you thought the first couple of days. I also liked your purpose, you see this class as the light at the end of the tunnel which I can relate to.

    Jacob Meshel

  9. I completely agree that coming to that class gives us a job and more purpose… especially in comparison to the rest of our classes each day. I think that it is healthy to work in a different way (more with our hands and stuff) every day, and it is crucial to do so to like function in our other classes. I loved your blog and I think you made some nice points (and adore your pictures).

  10. I honestly felt the same way going into this class. And Ms. O totally freaked me out too when she was showing us all the tools because literally every description ended with a body part falling off if we’re not careful. Why she trusts us with tools I’ll never know either but hey we’re all doing pretty well if you ask me. Your photos are also super cute!

  11. I like the metaphor of light at the end of the tunnel. I can totally agree with that because I also look forward to this class at the end of the day. I am also very surprised at how she trusts all of us with these tools but somehow we are managing to use them properly.

  12. Great Job Mady!! I definitely agree with you about engineering being the best class to go to on Wednesdays and Fridays. I was also intimidated by the tools at the beginning of class but now they aren’t as terrifying. Your coop is looking really good and I can’t wait to see what it looks like in the end!

  13. First, I want to say that that is an amazing picture of you and Jacob! It must be a really fun group. I really like this perspective as the “light at the end of the tunnel” because it really is true, about how many other classes feel detached and the accomplishments are next to nothing, but with engineering we are actually making something!
    Loved the blog entry!

  14. This class is the “light at the end of the tunnel” for me as well, having the same classes that you do on wednesday/friday. You may be a bit behind due to the size of you coop, but I am confident in every group in our class that we will all finish on time with amazing chicken coops no matter how big or small.

  15. Great blog Mady! I have the same classes on Wednesdays and Fridays, so I totally get how Engineering is one of the only reasons to come to school. I glad this class is also a stress reliever for you, nothing like hammering all your worries away! 🙂

  16. Everything in this post is so relatable for me. Every class I have is frustrating and annoying not to mention some of my teachers, but engineerings makes me actually want to finish the day and week.

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