Insightful Week in Engineering ClassThis week, our MarinSel class spent a productive amount of time researching about Wind Turbines, which we are going to implement in the next few months. We got into groups of about three people and each had a job of researching their functions and significance. My group went online and sketched up detailed pictures of the Wind Turbine. We researched its functions and how it works. Basically a wind turbine is a device that converts kinetic energy from the wind into electric current.  We already have a wonderful group of engineers to give us tips and help us with the building of these.

In addition to this week, half of the class worked on our small stationery boxes. With the help of Ms. Oropallo, we got four pieces of nine or ten inch wood. From there we cut them with the coping saw and carefully measured them using our tape measures and  speed squares. Drilling the nails and hammering them into the sides of the wood improves our skills and patience for future projects. At the end, we would sand them to make them smooth and nice to give to a teacher or friend. We also pulled nails out of the long pieces of wood by using our hammer. A bunch of us are professionals at this. We also transported all the non-nailed wood into a wood shed. This took the hard work of our entire class.

Throughout the rest of the week, our whole class got familiarized with the making of fences. We would put these fences around the garden for so deer wouldn’t intrude and eat all the plants. We learned very tricky skills and tips to make the fence perfect. One interesting fact I learned was the we have to make the fence different sizes at the top so the deer would be confused rather than jump over it if the fence was all one size. We learned that we have to bring extra clothing and be prepared to get sweaty for the intense work of digging holes onto the dirt ground. We found out that this is the hardest and tedious work of an engineer. Although the work and labor we will put in the fence, it will all be worth it at the end for our great fence.



  1. This was written a while ago and I know our plans throughout the project changed a dozen times, but it was cool to read this now. I liked seeing what we originally planned and thought was going to happen and comparing it to what we actually did. It shows just how many times we had to change things to make sure they were realistic.

  2. Although this was a while ago, I’m glad that we got to use our designs in deciding what we want the end product to look like instead of putting in the research but then being told what to do. I learned so much from looking up different wind turbine styles and it’s exciting that we will get to work on one with the help of Energy Recovery.

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