In all truthfulness, I was dreading Engineering class from the second I heard about it. A stubborn, scaredy cat ballerina with little to no upper body strength was NOT the ideal student for Ms. O’s engineering class and I knew it from day one. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to do any of the cool projects that I had heard about, I was just 100% sure I was going to accidentally kill or severely injure myself or one of my classmates (Probably Erin)

We started off the year by making spoons out of a small block of wood. I was all over drawing the design part but as soon as I heard I would have to use the band saw My mission of avoiding Ms. O so that I wouldn’t have to use it started. I succeeded for a total of two hour and a half class periods before one of my friends ever so helpfully pointed out that I still needed to cut out my spoon to Ms. O. I ended up using the band saw after about 15 minutes of “I don’t want to”, “this isn’t my thing” and “i’m not doing that”. It wasn’t as bad as I expected and I was pretty proud of my spoon when it was finished.

Little did I know the tiny band saw was the least of my problems. There was a huge selection of finger chopping, hair grabbing, potentially dangerous machines waiting for me with the commencement of the great MSEL playhouse making project. A few weeks into the project I realized that I could not get away with just making other people do things for me for the rest of the year. I started to use all of the scary looking tools and machines (with much complaining) and I learnt ways to use them so that you could keep all of your fingers. It was fun to brag to my ballet friends about what new machines I had used that day.

I’m still scared of using new things in Engineering but now I don’t worry about killing myself or others quite as much. I’m glad I have people in my class that have the patience to wait for me and encourage me to do new things. I learnt to not write things off because they are “not your thing” or seem scary because you might end up doing something cool with the skills you learnt (Like I don’t know, building a playhouse).


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