This year’s MSEL engineering class has been an amazing learning and growing opportunity for me. From the beginning during our spoon project, I have always looked forward to coming into this classroom. Mrs. O encourages each and every student to embrace their creative side and get out of their comfort zone. I’ve really enjoyed this, In the beginning of this year, I was too scared to get up on the ladder in fear that I would fall off. Just last class I was able to face my fear and climb my way up and drill a bunch of nails into the shed we were making. It has been such an amazing year for me in this class, I have been so inspired by Mrs. O, she is such an amazing person and has such a creative spirit which is extremely contagious. Her class always brought a smile to my face. Going back to our first project where we designed and made spoons from blocks of wood, I remember always coming home excited about what i’d accomplished that day. I always left the class feeling confident and proud about everything that i’d done. Mrs. O has made such an amazing classroom environment, she is such a kind, funny, and talented woman who has inspired me throughout the year and encouraged me to be myself. This class has not only been enjoyable because of the material, but also because of Mrs. O herself.

This class has given me many opportunities that I otherwise wouldn’t be getting in a school environment. I’m sure that skills i’ve learned here will come in handy in the future. Although MarinSEL teaches a lot of teamwork skills through basic curriculum, I believe that this class has brought us all a lot closer. Working in a really hands on environment, you learn to rely and trust the people working around you. This is extremely important to our class as we are pretty crazy and all over the place, I feel that this class has given us a sense of structure.

The only criticism that i can give is that Mrs. O isn’t strict enough on the students who are slacking off in the class. I feel like this class is such an amazing opportunity and students shouldn’t be allowed to take advantage of it and just sit in the back and talk or use the class like a study hall. A lot of students feel like they can take advantage of the class because there aren’t really big consequences for slacking off. If there were bigger consequences than maybe everyone would be engaged and interested in doing everything in the class.

All in all this has been a really enjoyable class for me, I have learned a lot, not only about engineering, but about myself as well. I’ve really enjoyed getting myself dirty and going out of my comfort zone. I’m not unadventurous, but I’m most definitely not a risk taker. This class has made me a lot more comfortable with trying things that would otherwise make me uncomfortable. I’m a very accident prone person, but i’m happy to say that throughout this whole year I have only gotten a few scraped, no major injuries. My fear of getting hurt is basically the only thing that holds me back. I’m glad that this class has made me more confident in my ability to not hurt myself and not completely mess everything up. Mrs. O has done an amazing job instilling this in me and encouraging everyone to at least try what makes them uncomfortable. Overall this class has been amazing and i’ve really loved working with Mrs. O and all the people who have helped us along the way.

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