As we enter the last 5 weeks of our wondrous year, a lot of feelings come to mind. Good feelings, bad feelings and worst of all, a reminder that finals are approaching. (Ew). I have a feeling that we are saving the best for last this year as we approach the robot building project!

In MSEL Engineering, we will be focusing on the construction of robots using syringes to move parts. I am very exited about this because we have the ability to make anything we can sketch and put together on this. I personally have no idea how my robot will look or work but I’m still very exited to start this project.

MSEL Engineering with Allison Oropallo

In other news, my ROP construction class is finishing up our projects. We have been working since January after school every Wednesday from 5-9. For those who dont know about the ROP class, it is based out of Redwood High School. Currently, there are three MarinSEL students enrolled; Meredith, Kiki, and I. There are four groups each consisting of about 7 people. Three of the groups are making wooden sheds from scratch to deliver to Elementary Schools. My group is converting a shipping container into a small guest house ( or man-cave). It is very (very!) cool looking now that we have put much work into it the last week. We have put in drywall, a sliding glass door, and installed hardwood flooring! We have worked very hard on this project from the start. In July, our container will be displayed in the Marin County Fair!


  1. Wow the ROP construction class seems like a lot of fun, wish I took it this year especially since everyone who took the class learned so much. I like all the pictures. And the sheds that you are building look super cool.

  2. Hey Lucas! Nice blog! It sums the robot project up nicely. It has been pretty challenging, but it’s an awesome project, and I am excited for the outcome! Cool pics too! They always make blogs more interesting!

  3. Nice blog!! I liked how you mentioned what you were doing outside of msel in your ROP class! It sounds so interesting and I bet you know a lot more about construction now. Well, see you tomorrow πŸ™‚

  4. Your group has done a great job working on the storage container and it’s great to have as many mselers as possible! We are almost done and I can’t wait to see the finished products from all of our hard work!

  5. Great blog, Lucas! I also have no clue what my robot will look like but it will be super fun to experiment with different designs! I liked looking at all the ROP pictures as well πŸ™‚

  6. I can’t believe it’s so close to the end of the year…and the end of engineering class…
    You seem really enthusiastic about participating in the ROP class, and the projects you are doing seem really cool!

  7. Our last projects is so cool but so hard! What you are doing in that class sounds so cool! Make sure you share more with us mselers, maybe that is what some future msel classes can do. Awesome!

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