Work Done, Then Fun?

Work Done, Then Fun?

What about both at the same time? My dad has always used this saying to convince my brother and I to buckle down and do our homework: an incentive for us to get through what was assigned and to the fun and games beyond. I thought this project would be much of the same.

My teammates and I were at first daunted by the sheer size and complexity of the project we were about to undertake, and I couldn’t even begin to fathom what the finished product would look like. It was intimidating to think about, and the first few weeks of building went slow for us. I was getting worried that this was going to be yet another project of simply going through the motions, as I hadn’t grasped success yet. Boy was I wrong.

As the deck, walls, and eventual roof begin going up all around us, I began relishing the building process. It was a special treat to finally get to leave my 7th period classes on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons because I knew an actual fun class was waiting for me the next morning, with actual, real life skills and lessons to be learned. Nailing became as natural as balancing a chemical equation; sawing as natural as annotating an article for an author’s purpose. Our progress became measurable and our goals became achievable as playhouses began to look less and less like skeletal frames and more and more like, you know, playhouses.

Most exciting about each of the houses is that each one is unique, with each one reflecting a little bit about some of its group members. The most striking example is the two-story castle playhouse, which stands out amongst its shorter counterparts. Some have yet to really define themselves; mine, for instance, has yet to experience the mural that will cover its splintery skin. We hope it will turn out well, and extra time and detail may be needed to make sure this is the case. Either way, I know that both my teammates and I are grateful that this project is one that we are truly motivated to come in and work hard everyday to achieve our goals; the mundane drudgery of high school being righteously, if briefly, chopped apart by my saw blade on Wednesday and Friday mornings.

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  1. esmith says:

    Great writing! I can definitely identify with the longing to be working on the playhouse while sitting bored in our English class on those hot 7th period days. Certainly a bit of mundane drudgery going on in that class. (at times, still love Mrs. Else)

  2. epowers says:

    I always look forward to 2nd period and getting to do hands on work

  3. juliana.swanson says:

    It’s clever how you compared school work to building. The mural is beautiful! I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  4. ameshcheryakov says:

    I love your word choice and your and analogies as well as the saying your dad used to tell you to keep you motivated.

  5. nbarrolaza says:

    I feel exactly the same way when it comes starting the day with such an awesome class!

  6. kwaterbury says:

    It’s so nice not being stuck at a desk. Loved how you explained how every playhouse reflects the people who are building them.

  7. mmcdaniel says:

    I am always looking forward to working on the playhouses in class on Wednesdays and Fridays instead of sitting at a desk.

  8. jgirgurina says:

    I think we can all relate to looking forward to this class! You did a great job describing what sets it apart from other high school classes.

  9. Kmack Kmack says:

    I really like your comment about each of the unique playhouses reflecting something about each of the groups and their members. Keep up the work and the fun.

  10. ercharlton says:

    I agree with you about the great experience this class gives us, and great job, this blog was really well written!

  11. sstilson says:

    The phrase “cover its splintery skin” is absolutely fantastic. Also, nice job overall 🙂 I liked how you showed how fun this class is.

  12. hunterbiel says:

    I feel. I am very close with my group and we sometimes mess around but in the end we get it done.

  13. apham says:

    When comparing the class to a regular class, you compared 100% spot on.

  14. gelias says:

    There is always room for both, especially when working with such close friends! I also totally see each playhouse reflecting our personalities!

  15. rgiusti says:

    I definitely agree with the class being somthing to look forward to . Especially wednesday when we dont have zero period before engineering.

  16. mkrizek says:

    I was just like you in the beginning. I thought that the playhouse project would be another easy thing to go through without much effort. Boy was I wrong. This class is by far my favorite class and I look forward to it every week.

  17. sremedios says:

    I really liked the descriptions you used like “the mundane drudgery of high school” and how you compared your other classes to this one.

  18. eschultz says:

    I agree that the hands-on work and real life skills we do in 2nd period are something to look forward to and I’m glad we’ve had this opportunity to learn these skill as well.

  19. nslanec nslanec says:

    I like your word choice and especially like your concluding sentence. Well done.

  20. hnorman says:

    I really like how you explain your playhouse features and how your group will process to improve it. Keep workin!

  21. mjames says:

    I agree with you about looking forward to engineering as a fun class on Wednesdays and Fridays, its nice to have a hands-on class instead of sitting at a desk.

  22. cameronch says:

    I like how you introduced your post and I can relate to what you said about being done on Tuesdays and Thursdays knowing we have a fun class to look forward to.

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