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Learning ToolsWhen I told my dad that i was taking an engineering class, he was super excited! Him working in the construction business, really encouraged me to learn as much as I could. When he asked me what was the guys name was i responded “Ms.O” He was astonished and asked me,”Is it really a girl?” I answered, “She looks like one, so i guess.

Walking into Home Depot a few weeks later, i felt odd. All I saw were men. Home Depot screamed our masculinity everywhere I went. I thought to myself “Where are the women? Why aren’t women into building stuff? Is it the plaid shirts? Boots? Getting dirty?” Whatever it may be, it can be fixed. Get cute plaid shirts, pink boots, buy hand sanitizer !! There is no excuse!

The construction business is controlled by men. No doubt.

Every year, colleges are seeing the number of women with an interest in pursuing a degree in engineering drop. According to recent studies, only 20% of engineers are women. Why is that number so low? Is there something about engineering that makes women not want to be one? It’s about time women get to build their own way into the construction and engineering business. We cannot let men build it for us. We have to design the way we change our society and the outlook younger girls have that the engineering business is built for men.

Being an engineer is a pretty cool job because you actually make an actual difference! Engineers solve our society’s problems by fixing them, they’re like superman (except for the fighting with villains.) Ever since the beginning of the year, we have all individually worked with Ms. Oropallo and I can say she’s so talented. Engineering allows you to work with people who are just as creative as you. There are no barriers in the engineering world, you can do anything. ANYTHING!



Junior in the MSEl program

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  1. kiera kiera says:

    As us MSELers say, “CONNECTION!!” I love how you connected the engineering class with the real world. And don’t ever forget that you can do anything! Great job! Keep up the great work!!

  2. Natalia Natalia says:

    I like how you put humor in your blog! Great job writing!

  3. nivie nivie says:

    Maria! I would love to talk to you more about this topic… I love that you chose it! Nice job 🙂

  4. Sheila Sheila says:

    Great job Maria ! I definitely agree, engineering sounds scary at first but once you start working you realize how much fun it really is. Especially if you have Ms. Oropollo as a teacher !

  5. ethanking123 ethanking123 says:

    Very deep and thoughtful post. Nice job on making connections between our class and the real world. “She looks like one, so i guess,” had me in ROLFLing everywhere.

  6. chiaracameron says:

    Maria, I love how you connected our engineering class to a real world problem outside of our school. You showed that we can be the solution. It was great that you used a personal story that anyone who has been to Home Depot or any other hardware store can relate to. I loved it!

  7. claireparkinson claireparkinson says:

    Maria, I am so glad that you chose this for you topic! Especially because of the enormous growth you have made after joining MSEL

    • claireparkinson claireparkinson says:

      I accidentally pressed enter! I was going to say that I’m so proud of how much more comfortable you have gotten with Engineering this past semester. It was so intimidating at first to all of us, and you worked really hard in all of our engineering projects. It was so great to see you working with the woods and tools like it was nothing 🙂

  8. Alyssa Ceccanti-Harris Alyssa Ceccanti-Harris says:

    I love the topic you chose for your blog. It’s true, women are just as capable of being engineers as men are! It’s a good thing that we are going against that stereotype by having over 20 girls in an engineering class whereas the number of guys in it isn’t even in the double digits.

  9. Loren says:

    Hi everyone!

    I recently joined the team at Energy Recovery and will be helping out on the project at your school. I am excited to meet you all soon and tell you about my story. Being a woman in engineering, I have great stories and insight into the field. It’s a fun and exciting field to work in and I would love to help answer any questions you may have. I look forward to meeting you next week!


  10. Sophi Sophi says:

    It’s really interesting to look at this side of engineering. I totally agree that we need to get the word out that engineering isn’t just for men. The fact that the number of women engineers is decreasing just shows how important this class is for all of us! MSEL is used to breaking barriers and redefining expectations and MSEL engineering is no exception!

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