Junior year has certainly been a memorable one. We started at the bottom and now we’re here. The playhouse project was the highlight of the engineering class. I formed a group with my colleagues Kenny, Hayes, and Cameron.

We started off slow because you know we’re all very close friends and we would fool around too much. We would get into arguments or go off on some completely irrelevant topic and barely get any work done. We went on like this for a couple weeks. We then started to see other groups almost done while we had barely started. We all looked at each other and said that we needed to put all the fun and games a side and get to work, and that was the motto. From there we went zero to one-hundred real quick and started working hard and we were successful. Without the child’s play we were getting tasks done and not just doing stuff from time to time. To be more efficient we would break into two sub groups and work in pairs to get tasks done. At this point we were charged up and ready to work. Day by day it stopped looking like a piece of junk and looked more like a high quality play house. We didn’t know what our theme would be until about a month before the final showing.

We decided to go western theme and make ours a “saloon” which was a huge success. During the process I grew as a person and learned many life skills. I learned the importance of getting things done on time so we didn’t get backed up with tasks. The class was certainly more fun than what I expected. I thought since I’ve had lots of experience with tools that the class would be boring. But to my surprise it wasn’t and I actually learned a lot and had fun. It became my all time favorite class, I would look forward to the class every week. Our teacher Allison Oropallo has become one of my favorite teachers of all time. I mean in what other class can you weld, use a blow torch, and make stuff in?

Engineering class was a time that I could get out of the class lecturing and note-taking environment and really get out there and do something that is actually going to help me in life. I can learn a math problem or a chemical formula and it won’t mean anything in a couple of years, but all of the skills I learned from engineering I will use for a lifetime. Now that I can use all of these tools and know how to build things I can use them in the real world. I can see myself doing my own home improvements in 10 years. The class has inspired me so much that now I want to pursue something in engineering when I grow up. Over all this has been an exciting fun class, and I am sad that it is coming to an end.

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  1. esmith says:

    Your playhouse looks great! Breaking into sub groups really helped with our group too, and it’s agreed that this class was awesome and taught us tons!

  2. iswallow says:

    I agree, I’m definitely going to miss this class, and it was awesome to see the progress you guys made throughout the year, as we had front row seats to the presentation of progression of your playhouse.

  3. sremedios says:

    You guys did a good job organizing your group and the playhouse turned out great!

  4. mjames says:

    I agree with you on how difficult it is to stay on task with a group of friends in a project but i’m glad you guys all decided to pull together in the end.

  5. cameronch says:

    This article is “Too Good” Hunter. You really gave our play house some “Hype”. There is no need for “Redemption” it is obvious we put a lot of “Energy” into making it. We started off with our “Worst Behavior” and now it’s “Over”, I guess we just have to look forward to “Summer Sixteen” now!

  6. hnorman says:

    Great work as usual hunter. Our group was explosive and one to be reckoned with. Take care.

  7. lukastroller says:

    Well done on your project. It looks really good! I’m going to miss this class too.

  8. eschultz says:

    Very creative title…your playhouse was the most professional looking so good job and nice reflection on the process!

  9. ercharlton says:

    Good blog! Our group dynamic also changed as the year progressed

  10. ameshcheryakov says:

    Really enjoyed the last paragraph I think it resonates with us all, and the saloon looks fantastic

  11. nbarrolaza says:

    I like the Drake theme. This is also my favorite class of all time!

  12. jgirgurina says:

    It was great to see your whole group working really hard at the end, your playhouse turned out great!

  13. Kmack Kmack says:

    Wow Hunter, your very poetic. You’re seemingly effortless writing reminds me of a famous rapper. Happy I was part of your team, this was an amazing reflection, and now it’s just time to hold on, because we are going home…for summer.

  14. gelias says:

    Love the Drake references, not very subtle but definitely adds a little of your character into this blog. Well done.

  15. mmcdaniel says:

    My group was a little distracted in the beginning also. Once we got in the rhythm, we got focused and worked a lot faster.

  16. juliana.swanson says:

    The saloon is very well built and clean cut. I will also miss this class.

  17. kwaterbury says:

    I totally agree with you about how engineering skills are actually going to be useful in the future. The saloon looks great.

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