Once upon a time, in the green rolling hills of the land of Marin County, there was a clan of young MSELers at Terra Linda High School. During their schooling, they won a trip to a distant, tropical island. Overjoyed, they immediately set to packing and preparing for their trip.
During the flight, there was a sudden crash, and then a big *BOOM* and they were spiraling back down towards the Earth. And then…. DARKNESS…
They opened their eyes to a scene of chaos. There were burning plane debris, blackened sand, and scorched tree tops. Luckily, all the MSELers survived with minimal injury. MSELers, as everyone knows, are incredibly level headed and smart. They were trained by Master Oropallo and Master Maddog to handle stressful situations such as these.
They gathered themselves up and devised a plan of action. First, they extinguished the burning palm trees. Then, they split themselves up into four groups. Group one was assigned to build shelter. Group two went to forage for food. Group three was to contact help. And group four was to try and fix the airplane.
As most of you know, an airplane is complicated piece of machinery. It takes time to learn how to fly one, let alone build one! Group four had no idea what they were doing! They had a complicated task ahead of them.
First, group three sifted through the luggage that was still intact. In the luggage, they found some paper and matches. They then gathered some small twigs on the beach. Using these items, they created an SOS sign in the sand, but decided to wait until later to light it on fire.
Tropical islands usually have lots of fruit, and this islands had a plethora of fruit trees! Group two collected some mangoes, coconuts, and bananas. All of a sudden, Group three heard some cracking branches. They looked over, and saw that Jtooms had fallen onto a spikey pineapple bush! “Ouch!” He exclaimed, “I fell in some THORNS!”
Before they set to building, Group one drew up some blue prints in the sand. When they were finished, they made makeshift hammers. They uses strips of palm tree leaves and bark to make tiny huts. They made sure to make all the huts in a circle on the beach, just in case there was an emergency, or help had come to the rescue.
It took the combined effort of all the groups, but they finally fixed the plane after 15 days and 15 nights. They got the radio working, and got in contact with radio control. They were able to help the MSELers safely land in the SFO airport. Overjoyed, they were so happy to be back at home! Because of the MSELer’s quick thinking and engineering skills, they got out of a very difficult situation. Way to go MSEL!!


  1. Hey bro(s)! I really enjoyed how you conveyed all the skills we have learned throughout our years in msel (mainly engineering) through a fictional story. It reminded me of walker creek at first (AKA THE BEST TRIP EVER). We should really all go on a retreat to a mansion or big house or something with the whole class because we need to spend more time together outside of school before its time to leave 🙁 Great job, very creative!

  2. This was such a cute and funny story. It reminds me of when we were freshmen and Mael wrote a story about what would happen if our MSEL class got in a plane crash. Love the thorns reference, I can’t wait for our retreat this year 🙂

  3. Wow. I just wrote an essay-long comment and then it was deleted… I was saying that I really enjoyed the creative format of the blog. I like that you split us into groups just like in a LEAD project, and also at least one group didn’t know what they were doing! Very realistic! However, just as we were successful in the story, we always end projects either successfully or a little smarter and more experienced than we were before 🙂 In my previous long comment that was deleted I also wrote that this reminds me of the assignment we had for Ms. Leonhart when we had to write about us being stranded on an island. That was funny! And then we were all addicted to “Lost”. You also included a little inside joke in there (thorns) which I am sure everyone will appreciate. This blog really caused me to remember some very happy memories with my MSEL family 🙂

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