Trust me. I’m an engineer.

So today the MarinSEL engineering class surprised me with new class shirts! It just so happened to be the day the MarinIJ came to class too! Perfect timing. The shirt story for those of you who may be interested is kind of funny. A few weeks back some of the girls were on the computer when they weren’t supposed to be and I was like “Guy’s, get off the computers! You are supposed to be outside working!” Then the students were like “But Ms. Oropallo, we need to do what we are doing…” I said, “..What are you doing?” To which they responded, “We can’t tell but you will love it!” Of course I replied with, “You need to get off, I don’t believe that I will like it!” So then they said that they just might be making new shirts for the class. I felt horrible of course, but hey if you want it to be a surprise do it outside of my class right! They should have just said, “Trust me I’m an engineer.” I would have just left them alone. 😉 I was still very surprised because I had no idea what the design looked like. They came out great and make us look awesome. Thank you students for making my day today.

Also, Nice work testing the wind turbine rotor designs! I think they came out great… even the group who had four designs not work. I am excited to see what the MarinIJ thought of the class. Now we can design on Autodesk Inventor and really get into the engineering world. We will graph the results of the wind turbines to see how our results compare to each other to get a better understanding of our design.

You can see more pictures of our day today here!



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  1. Dylan Adler Dylan Adler says:

    The shirts were great! Im so glad I bought one! Great blog!

  2. Sheila Sheila says:

    So glad you and the class liked them Ms. O ! Like Meredith said , it was so cool to see a picture if us with our shirts on in the IJ !

  3. Meredith10 says:

    This was probably one of my favorite days! It was great when sheila gave us our shirts that looked awesome and it made us look unfied when the IJ came to do a segment on us! By far one of the best engineering days so far!

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