The Castle

The Castle

From the beginning my group had a very ambitious idea of what our final playhouse would look like. The group wanted to build an 8 foot tall structure with a sliding pole inside, a climbing wall on one side, and a roof with a railing, upon which the kids would walk. The group also wanted to make swords and shields and a chest for the kids,to put all their toys in, and paint the castle gray with a brick pattern to emulate a castle look as well as put a flag bearing a castle logo on the top and paint vines climbing up the side of our playhouse to add an old look to the playhouse.

When the group finished this list of ideas I immediately told them that there was no way we could possibly build the structure we had just envisioned. It would take too much time and too many materials to build. My group ignored my petty concerns and went to work. The first couple of weeks we worked hard. We finished our floor quickly, and we were lucky enough to have the same color flooring, unlike many other groups. We then moved to the walls and siding, erecting our structure. We now had an 8 foot tall skeleton of our playhouse. Every Monday when we would have a short class period we would work on the small things. We made swords, shields, and a cage that would support our slinging pole. We also made a chest that would hold toys in it as well as serve as a bench. Getting the pole installed was one of the toughest parts. The pole is heavy, and 12 feet long. It takes at least two of us to carry it. Our playhouse, which now had a roof on it, was only 8 feet tall and our door was even smaller, around 4’5″. Getting the pole in was a struggle, we had to maneuver it through our small door and somehow poke it through the opening we had made in the top. Luckily it ended in a major success. We now use it all the time to get up and down the roof, or just for fun. Our next task was to make the climbing wall. Every other group was focusing on finishing their roofing or doing their trimming while we were still putting on the climbing wall. To catch up with the rest we had to split the team up and have two people working on roofing and two people working on the wall. We did all this in two class periods. We made the base of the climbing wall together as a group, and then we split up to either work on the climbing blocks or the roof. Everson and Andreas were working on the climbing blocks while Nich and I worked on putting on roofing and railing. We now have a functioning climbing wall and water proof roof with rubber as well as a sliding pole, swords, shields, and a chest. Yet we still have more to do. We haven’t started the railing or the painting, which will be by far the hardest part. I am confident though in my groups ability to complete these tasks in no time and make this play house look amazing. I am proud of my groups accomplishments and quite surprised that we have almost built the impossible castle that we envisioned at the start. We are so close, and there is not much time left and I can’t wait to finish it and let the kids see what we have created.

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  1. iswallow says:

    The sheer size of the playhouse that you built is incredibly impressive, and I can only imagine how intimidating it would be to have to build that. Nice job!

  2. esmith says:

    Haha great article Chip. It is still so weird to me how we sat down in class one day with a blank paper in front of us like, “What do we want to do!?” And now we have a fully functional tower playhouse that is sturdy as a skyscraper and more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Just read the hashtag in Nich’s (nbarrolaza) comment.

  3. epowers says:

    Your playhouse looks amazing! I love the castle idea

  4. juliana.swanson says:

    Your group works so efficiently together. The playhouse is stunning, and I can’t wait to see it when it is complete.

  5. nbarrolaza says:

    As I read I can visualize the building process. Great writing. #castleplayhouseisnumber1

  6. cameronch says:

    Your group has definitely taken on the largest load and you guys are doing a really good job in getting work done.

  7. kwaterbury says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished product! Great job using your Monday classes to make more progress.

  8. nslanec nslanec says:

    You guys have been working hard on that and its paying off. Keep up the good work.

  9. mkrizek says:

    I can’t wait to finish this project. It’s been a year long effort, and is coming out amazing. I am very excited.

  10. sremedios says:

    Nice detail with the process of how you guys worked together to build it.

  11. mmcdaniel says:

    I think it was a great idea to make your playhouse look like a castle. And I do have to admit, your playhouse was the 2nd graders’ favorite!

  12. jgirgurina says:

    I’m glad that you guys decided to challenge yourselves with such a big task. Your playhouse looks really amazing, and it’s the clear favorite among the second graders!

  13. eschultz says:

    Your font is very cool and I think the fact that it is challenging is a good character builder.

  14. Kmack Kmack says:

    Love the font and the dimensions descriptions you give, really helps me visualize. Thank you for writing a blog that takes us along your building process in chronological order

  15. ercharlton says:

    Your playhouse already looks great! It was a favorite among the second graders.

  16. sstilson says:

    Your castle looks great. I am really impressed with everything you guys have gotten done so far. Keep up the good work!

  17. hunterbiel says:

    The castle is a piece of art. It is very interesting looking and certainly will not be easy to transport.

  18. mjames says:

    Your group definitely had a lot of ideas in the beginning and they all seem to be working out really well

  19. apham says:

    Your playhouse is very comfy and fun to be in. Ill be waiting for the final product.

  20. lukastroller says:

    Basically this playhouse puts all the others to shame in its size and precision of construction. Well done you guys, you have made us all look bad 😀 . (seriously though, good job).

  21. hnorman says:

    Already the castle has become legendary in our class and the hard work put into it really shows.

  22. gelias says:

    You all have come so far as a group to build an amazing structure! Can’t wait to see the finished product, there’s no question as to why it’s the kids’ favorite!

  23. rgiusti says:

    Your playhouse is looking really good . I am gald your group decided to choose something really challanging

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