The blades are spinning faster and faster…

Dylan and John

The blades are spinning faster and faster slicing through the air like a hot knife in butter. 1…2…3 watts it’s starting to generate, as the class gets more and more excited, the blades won’t stop spinning. And we have our winner. John and his group get first place in the competition to see whose wind turbine spins fastest, and the class starts to think about how to really build this thing.

As MarinSEL students, we must brainstorm an exhaustive list of ideas and do our best to choose and implement one. We of course had some crazy ideas, but the one we landed on was to make a 3D print of the wind turbine, and do that as our final. So how do we go about doing that you may ask?

Dylan and JohnIn engineering we have been working with AutoDesk Inventor to make 3D models of a dragster race car. With our recent and valuable experience with inventor, we are going to make a 3D model of the wind turbine in separate parts, and then put it all together during our final period.

Wind turbines are a useful and practical thing. They use natural, renewable wind power to turn a turbine that is connected to a generator, making energy. Driving down Interstate 580, you can see hundreds of wind turbines. Unfortunately, renewable energy only accounts for 3% of the energy in the United States, and only 9% of that 3% renewable energy in the US is generated from wind. Hopefully in the future, wind turbines will become a bigger part of the economy, and because of the training that MSEL students are getting, it should be easy to find a job in the future for us.

This week was fun, and very educational. All the students in our class are grateful to have Ms. Oropallo as our teacher. Happy Holidays!

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10 Responses

  1. Ember Ember says:

    Dylan, you used very descriptive language in this blog. I like how you related our work with turbines to our community and the global economy as well towards the end. Good job!

  2. Joanmarie Joanmarie says:

    Dylan, your blog was very creative and entertaining to read. I found it interesting that you compared the blades to a hot knife in butter. In addition, your pictures are great!

  3. kiera kiera says:

    I really liked how you guys started your blog! It hooked me to keep on reading! It was nice that you guys added all the informational text about wind turbines! It improved my knowledge of wind turbines greatly.

  4. nivie nivie says:

    Wonderful blog Dyl! I like how you talked about the “exhaustive list”. That is on our handy dandy rubric!

  5. Sheila Sheila says:

    I really like how you started your blog ! It really caught my attention! Over all great job !

  6. maria2015 maria2015 says:

    I loved how you started off the blog, it really made me want to keep reading. I also really liked how you explained how wind turbines in our society today.

  7. Meredith10 says:

    I liked how you explained why turbines are useful and how the U.S. is already taking advantage of them. All of that are great reasons as to why we are making a turbine and studying which ones work the best!

  8. chiaracameron says:

    I like how you started the blog off with a narration, it was a great attention grabber. It was great that you added your own research in there on top of what we did in class that week.

  9. ethanking123 ethanking123 says:

    The start of the blog is like something out of a Stephen King novel with immediate suspense that draws the reader in. Nice reference of our seminar rubric with, “brainstorm an exhaustive list of ideas.” John looking like a straight karate master by hitting that board with his head in the picture was a nice touch. Got in lots of good info about our project and slipped in a little happy holidays. overall great job.

  10. Sami McLaughlin Sami McLaughlin says:

    Dylan I really liked how you were creative with your blog and started out with a suspenseful scene to hook the reader and then gave a good background on what you were talking about. Thanks for the stats as well, I didn’t know that information before, and it’s quite fascinating!

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