Teaming Up with Energy Recovery

This week we met with our sponsoring engineering firm, Energy Recovery for the first time. The students got to see first hand what engineering as a profession may look like. We had an wholesale jerseys accountant, marketer, mechanical engineer, chemical engineer, and a quality control specialist talk to us for the hour- it was great to see the students interact. The students gave Energy Recovery a tour of our facilities to give them an idea of what we have to work with. They saw the computer lab,. woodshop, and organic garden wholesale nba jerseys space.

After, we wholesale jerseys all brainstormed on possible project opportunities we could accomplish together this year. Energy Recovery plans on sending up to eight engineers a week Teil to work with the students on откосов the project of choice. Project ideas are still being thrown around and we hope between to pick one at the end of the week. Some ideas the students came up with were a roller coaster on campus, a rainwater cathcment system, a living roof Sync on the woodshop, a wind turbine that would give us power, solar panels on the roof to run the woodshop, vertical garden water Fall systems, energy floor, and many others. With Energy Recovery anything seems possible!

During our disscussion a student asked the engineers if these wholesale mlb jerseys projects were actually possible and his response was awesome! He said “we can figure Engineering anything out”! I thought this was a great way to start our relationship with Energy Recovery and it showed the students to never be intimidated by a problem that may cheap nba jerseys seem impossible! I am very excited about this partnership!



My passion is learning. I love learning new things and educating people; witnessing people’s confidence grow after learning they can invent, design, and create is a tremendous reward. My purpose as an educator is to highlight the importance and benefits of hands-on experiential learning, to promote creative thinking and problem solving, and to improve engineering technology design education in schools. I like to connect my students’ projects with the general community. I teach practical projects that provide real life experiences. Hands-on education and community involvement is essential to a holistic education and community. Experiential learning is about making connections, forming relationships, and collaborating together to create possibilities. Creativity, imagination, and innovation are all products of hands-on collaboration. BIOGRAPHY

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