Success is Steady Progress

“Success is steady progress toward one’s personal goals.” (Jim Rohn)

When I walk around the outside area of Ms. Oropallo’s engineering class, I see progress. I see these magnificent chicken coops that each group has built. I remember in the beginning just seeing a drawing of their ideas. Now each group has taken their wonderful idea and turned it into a whole life form. Each coop is unique. I could go down the list and name at least five different reasons why each chicken coop is so unique. I’ll save that for a different blog. Or I won’t, we’ll see.

Back to progress, it is evident in every group. My group, I didn’t even realize how much we had done until I took time to take a step back and really admire what we had down. When you stop working for a second and just admire what you have done it is extremely rewarding. When I look around at other groups I see so much work being put in and the results are starting to show up. All the coops look so good. Not only have the coops progressed a lot but also us students too. We all know what we are doing for the most part. There is a lot less questions being asked and a lot more doing. We know about all the tools and where there are and when to use them. We move so much faster and way more efficiently. We have also learned how to work better in teams. We know how to communicate in the right ways with our group. We don’t just sit back and watch, if there is something wrong we will bring it up and hopefully overcome it. Collaboration is something else we have excelled at. We work well with our groups. I don’t hear any fighting or bickering amongst the groups. Everything sounds so good. Critical thinking is something else that we have become good at. Some of the ideas that these chicken coops are based off of are really great. The ideas use critical thinking as well as creativity. Something else we are all really good at. Some more than others.  Each day groups come up with new ways to improve their coops. Throughout the semester and into this new semester we keep learning and improving in our everyday skills. The four C’s are very critical for us every day. Everybody should be advanced in all four of them. I know everybody in MarinSel is. I use these skills outside of school, which I’m sure many others do as well. We use these skills without even thinking.

All these chicken coops are looking so good. I cannot wait until they are all finished. They are going to look amazing. The progress from now until then will be really cool to look at as well. These coops are really fun and challenging at the same time. The whole class can’t wait to see them when they are finished.



  1. Bravo! I think the thing I like best about all the coops is how different and unique they are from each other. It’s also what I love about this class. We could have easily followed instructions for one coop and made the same thing but instead we are learning so much more, and creating hella rad coops 😀

  2. Yeah i totally agree, we see our coops everyday so we don’t really notice the progress we make on them but it’s really awesome to be able to look back to pictures from a couple weeks ago and compare them to what we have now cuz the amount of work put in is so amazing and our coops are progressing quickly

  3. Miguel, this is an amazing piece of literature. The beginning of the post leads me in with a quick overview of the blog; and if that isn’t enough, you end the paragraph with a mystery. Now I will stay awake at night wondering: will Miguel make another blog about why the chicken coops are so unique?
    The large body paragraph dives deep into the qualities of the students working on this project, so inspiring!!!
    Please keep me updated with the progress of these beautiful chicken coops!

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