It was our first time ever having a class like this, and frankly, we feel as if our class was ready for this exciting new challenge. We all already had this ability to build and create way before we even conceived the idea of being in an engineering class. How do we know this? why, take a look at  our spoons of course! Sure the tools were a bit intimidating at first, and we did have a ton, and I mean a ton of help from our awesome teacher Ms. Oropallo, but as we come to a close from the spoon business, everyone’s spoons are just spectacular. Everyday we go in the engineering room, we always seem to make new memories in there, which I think, makes us (at least some of us) more closer in a way.

It has been a very fun class so far, and it makes us wonder what awesome moments are soon to come our way. The way we see it, it is a class that will most certainly pull us all together and will be an unforgettable class (won’t go much into it since we wouldn’t want to jinx that). The spoon project was a bit difficult at times, it was still exciting, scary,new, and fun all at the same time. It makes you think: if we went through all of that just by doing simple spoons(simple by engineers standards), Imagine what we as a class will go through with the upcoming project of the building of the chicken coops!

Some of our classmates shared their experiences with us. When we asked about Selena’s spoon and how it was going so far, she said “I had no idea I could have made a spoon out of a piece of wood”. We all share the same thought as Selena has, and it shocked us all, but our hard-work payed off. Monica herself shared her spoon too and said “My hard-work payed off” Everyone also thought about that too! Those long 90 minute periods of drilling and sanding (some of us) down our spoons are finally paying off.

The process of even starting the project, which is the field-trip we might go on, is exciting. We can’t wait to see it all come together, but most importantly, have fun while doing it.  We don’t think we shall ever cease to have some type of fun in that class. All in all,  this class in particular, will most likely put all of us out of our comfort zone, and will make us bound more tighter which gives us a sense of what MSEL is really all about manifested. that is all.



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