After countless hours of school and projects and homework, a week long break was well deserved. I hope everyone had at least one day of relaxations during their break! However, this blog is going to be more geared towards the R.O.P construction technology class I am a part of.
Every Wednesday night from five to nine, at Redwood high school, myself and students from all over Marin county, get to learn how to operate power tools, construct walls, and learn how to properly install lighting and plumbing. The first couple of weeks in class we learn the basic information on what we will be doing and how procedures work once we get to building. After we were certified in using a skil saw we got our first assignment which was to build a sawhorse. We got into groups of four and we started to take the skills we had learned previously and adjusted the bevels appropriately and cut accordingly to create a stable and well constructed sawhorse. The whole class did a great job considering it was the first thing most of us have ever built.
The next couple of weeks we started getting into our main groups of about seven people and began learning about our main projects. There are three main construction projects in the class; the first is a storage container that is being made into a guest room, the second is a small shed for the county fair, and the third is a larger shed that is being donated to a school.
My group is working on the larger shed and we began with building the base of the shed. After that we constructed the walls by framing it and piecing together the cripple studs, king studs, the double top plates, the sole plates, and trimmers. Depending on the wall we were building, we had to adjust the framing due to the door and size, but most of it stayed the same. Then we had to start the roof by placing the trusses in the right spots and adding the ventilation blocks to the roof. After that we wrapped the shed accordingly in waterproof Tyvek construction paper and put blocking on the bottom of our base. Then we put up the plywood by using finishing hammers and were careful not to make and marks on the siding.

We still have a lot of work to do, but I learned so much from going to this class and have really enjoyed going every Wednesday!

I think that a lot of MSELers would enjoy this class too and get a lot out of it!


  1. All of you who are taking that class that are in msel seem to be learning so much and having a lot of fun! It really does sound like an amazing experience, and from what I saw when I visited, it is really cool! Keep up that hard work and dedication! nice blog.

  2. Really nice job Meredith! It’s good to keep the rest of the MSEL updated on what goes on in ROP.. Also, I’m glad you didn’t nail your finger the other night when we were doing the trim haha.

  3. Nice blog Meredith. Reading it makes me wish I would have taken the class. The shed looks good so far. I’m glad you enjoyed going every Wednesday. I can see you really enjoy it. Keep up the good work.

  4. The class seems like a lot of fun! I kind of wish I had taken it. I am very impressed that you have taken that class on a school night. I don’t know if I would be able to it. So glad you’ve enjoyed this class and learning a lot of skills!

  5. I didn’t know there was three projects going on in the ROP class! I thought it was just the storage container! It’s really cool that you guys are doing this. Keep us updated!

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