It’s the second week of our robot arm project and everyone’s building. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this project, in pairs, we are building a robot arm to complete the challenge of being able to pick up an object, such as a marshmallow or a ping pong ball, from one level and moving it to another. The robots are to be powered by hydraulic or pneumatic systems composed of syringes and 1/8th inch plastic tubing.

My pairing is creating a robot inspired by these designs.

We are basing our claw design off of the one in the upper photo and the base/arms off of the lower one. Our controlling syringes shall be together in a remote like the one in the top photo.

So far, our robot looks like this,


But we’re making quick progress, focusing on completing it in an efficient manner. Though we aren’t exactly sure what it will look like and our plans for it change almost daily, one thing is certain, we shall have made a working robot by the end of our junior year. We are both very excited for summer and can’t wait til we can enjoy our break to the fullest. But before we are able to become very close friends with our couches over summer, we must first finish the last stretch of school, with wrapping up projects and attempting to remember everything we’ve learned between now and January in order to pass our finals.


  1. Sydney, nice blog! Your robot seems awesome I look forward to seeing the completed version! I am realy enjoying this project as well, it is a great learning experience and a nice way to finish off our year together!

  2. Nice job! It’s cool how you added some pictures of examples and really talked about the process because I’m pretty sure the word ‘robot’ can be taken in different ways. Cool blog.

  3. Sydney! Your robot is coming along great! On top of doing its job well, your robot looks amazing (just like the ones Ms. Oropallo made from a kit)! It’s so scary we only have a week left to finish and then no more engineering 🙁 We did so much and it went by so fast, but summer is going to be awesommeeeeee!!!

  4. Sydney,

    I loved hearing about how your robot turned out! Great pictures too! 🙂 I also like how you put in information about the robot for those that didn’t know what was going on. Keep it up!

  5. Hey Sydney! Nice blog! Yes, I am looking forward to creating a deeper bond with my couch this summer as well. I really like how motivated you are for this project, even though we all know that these last few weeks will be tough. I also really liked seeing those pictures that you used to inspire the design of your claw, and the fact that your plans are changing on the daily is part of the process! I think we are all doing that 🙂 Thanks for the blog!

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