If high-school lessons were taken seriously in the professional world, our entire class would be able to add the skills of independence, toughness, understanding of physics, strength, and bad***ness to our recently polished resumes.

An issue of even greater importance, though, pertains to our unstated theme this week: rebounding. This week, we focus on the significance of mistakes, and even failure. Ms. Oropallo asks that we do not be perfect; “Being ‘perfect’ means making mistakes and then learning from those mistakes,” (Oropallo). We are retraining are defaulted mindsets to genuinely accept temporary defeat. For our class, this might mean going straight to drilling rather than making measurements accurate to .05 millimeters, cutting boards without hesitation, or even executing a structure without 100% certainty.

But what if we really Fail? No such thing. In this class, we are too greatly supportive of each-other to even consider feeling like failures. We’ve got our close-knit coop groups, our tightly woven MSEL class, and our brilliantly constructive teacher. These all yield wildly successful results: hexagonal structures, curved walls, colorful windows, and truckloads of laughs.

TL lost last night to MC’s Varsity boys’ basketball team, but that’s not the kind of rebound I’m talking about. I’m talking about Inès getting nearly knocked out by a heavy block of wood and standing right back up to build. I’m talking about Merone getting shanked by thick splinters and picking her drill back up. I’m talking about Brenda dropping a plethora of screws and smiling her beautiful smile until she gets them in. And most of all, I’m talking about Ms. Oropallo getting shot down by our class every day but continuing to work with us.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To step onto the porch of his brand-new, shiny, hardwood floored, shingled, two-story mansion.

− Written by Angelique Avanozian and Merone Eckert


  1. Failure is a great thing, better to make the mistakes now then when the real deal comes along. You can never on the other hand be to care full about how you use your power tools such as the skill saw

  2. great blog! i love the lesson behind making mistakes. i know our class is a little hesitant to do so, but with the help of ms. oropallo, we should all be comfortable making mistakes all the time and learning from them

  3. Lol girl, thanks for mentioning my terrible accident hahahaha LOVE the joke at the end this is honestly such a good blog, both in the writing and the topic chosen. Its true we learn so many life lessons in this class, but rebounding from failure is definitely a big one. It’ll be hard for all us perfectionists in Msel

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