Its true. MSEL kids have been working thru all the  weird weather conditions we have been facing this whole week. From the cold weather, to the extreme windy and rainy days, we still build our chicken coops. Its no doubt you would see an MSEL student hammering away while its pouring rain. Ms.Oropallo even takes part in this. Some of us (including me) tend to not wear the proper layers of clothing we should wear.

Ms.O takes out her closet full of sweaters, hoodies and vests, in which we all layer up with. One of the students Merone said “I really like this fashionable and comfy vest, I would wear it all day”. And Merone in fact did.

Building in the cold doesn’t sound fun, but we make it fun. Since we’re building with our friends, its all entertaining. Sometime we play music and it gets us motivated to do it more. From love songs, hip-hop and sometimes jazz, students hammer to the beats of the music. The building part is the best part! Its no lie that everyone enjoys building their chicken coops. Its a fun and entertaining project that we all love and cant wait for the finished products.

Thanks to Ms.O, our chicken coops are looking better and better each day. From our constant worry that we’ll mess up something, or trying to be perfectionist. Ms.O helps us along the way of using news tools, building and everything else. All of our handwork is paying off with our chicken coops. My group is done with waterproofing (Tyvek) the coop and will move on to placing pallet boards. From the pallet boards, we will add more missing pieces to the coop and finish installing our window. Our coop is looking great so far and with rain or shine we still work.



  1. Awesome blog! I liked the part about the music the most LOL.
    I feel like music has the power to motivate us to work harder. For example before my soccer games I listen to music and I get so pumped for the game. yahemi

  2. Playing music is a great compensation for my lack of layers in the cold weather. The more we dance, the warmer we get; eventually we’re hammering away like pros and Burning Up like the Jonas Brothers circa ’07.

  3. Building in the rain was the best part…too bad many of us went inside where it was warm. The variety of music is one of the many things that makes this class so special. Our class has always found a way to bond through music.

  4. yeah nothing can take down an mseler, not even the weather. i regret not joining the party when it was raining outside but i will next time. we and our chicken coops survived the really strong winds really well its a good sign!

  5. great blog! i agree that working in the rain is a different experience and some of us really enjoy it. I appreciate ms oropallo’s stash of warm sweaters for us when times get cold. Working with music playing is cool too

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