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This past week has been a busy one for us MSEL students. Some of you lovely readers might have already caught a word or two in past blogs about the projects we have coming up. For those of you new to this site — and as a refresher to everyone else — here is a quick list of projects in the works:

1. Wooden Spoon
2. Gum-ball Machine
3. Gate
4. Planter Boxes
5. Bench/Table

You could always visit past blogs for more in-depth descriptions of some of these projects, but I’ll spare you some time and give you the gist of each.

1. Wooden Spoon
At this point in the game we are wrapping up the spoon project. We each took a block of wood and designed and carved a unique spoon. This project served as a teaching method for us to learn how to use many of the hand tools needed for carving. Each individual designed their own spoon (such as a spatula, stirring spoon, or one for decoration). This made it so that no two spoons were alike and each student had a finished product to take home.

2. Gum-ball Machine
As the spoons were individual projects, some people were finished before others. While those fast workers waited for the rest of the class to finish up, and for the materials needed for the gate project (#3) to arrive, they were given the option to build and assemble a gum-ball machine with a wooden base and a mason jar for the candy-container. This project was not only a time-filler, but also taught the importance of careful measurement and cutting of the individual pieces to later be able to properly assemble.

3. Gate
Now that we have received the wood donations from the amazing Clough Construction company, we are able to move forward with the construction of the fence around our school garden. You can see pictures of our progress by going to the main page, clicking “Project Gallary/Porfolio,” then “Redwood Fench with Clough Construction”.



MarinSEL student, one in the first class. Super excited for EngTech! Probably one of my favorite classes this year, ready to get handy

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  1. Ember Ember says:

    Well done blog Sofia, I like how you outlined everything that we are working on very clearly. I wish that I had the chance to work on a gum ball machine too!

  2. chiaracameron says:

    This was a great update on whats going on Sofia! Great Job!

  3. KaylaHope says:

    Good job Sofia! I like how mentioned multiple projects, and summarized what’s been going on! I’m so glad we have had the opportunity to do these cool projects!

  4. Natalia Natalia says:

    I like how you did a quick sum up of the projects we are doing. It makes newbies on our blog see what we have been up to!

  5. Sami McLaughlin Sami McLaughlin says:

    I’m glad you took a moment to sum up all that we have been up to! It’s been crazy in class but I guess we gotta get a lot in before the year is over and we are seniors! I’m gonna miss this class and Ms. Oropallo for sure!!! Nice work bro.

  6. claireparkinson claireparkinson says:

    We have been so busy lately! Great projects, but don’t forget about the Wishing Well project too!

  7. Sophi Sophi says:

    I liked how this blog was so clear and concise. Good job!

  8. Dylan Adler Dylan Adler says:

    Wow great blog Sofia! I loved all your descriptions of every project. We’ve been so busy!

  9. JTooms911 says:

    Nice blog. Nice formatting of it. I like how its about engineering.

  10. ethanking123 ethanking123 says:

    Nice job on the blog Sofia! You did a really nice job of giving an overview of the projects we are currently working on. You were very concise and direct which made for a solid blog!

  11. Casey says:

    It’s great that you gave an overview of our projects. I learned a lot and had so much fun making the wooden spoons. Also I loved building the gate with Clough construction company. I appreciate them donating the materials and their time to help us build our fence around the garden. It turned out great too!

  12. KingLouis KingLouis says:

    I liked this blog because its a short check-in with what we’ve been up to. nice blog.

  13. Meredith100 says:

    It great to inform newcomers about all the projects we are doing in class to show them how much we learn from each project we take on! great job on the blog!

  14. Alyssa Ceccanti-Harris Alyssa Ceccanti-Harris says:

    Awesome job Sofia! I really liked how you decided to write overview of each of the projects because some of them really need an explanation for readers to understand what we’re doing in the class.

  15. Ani Pirinjian Ani Pirinjian says:

    I like how you wrote about all our projects! It’s cool to see all of them condensed into a blog it shows how much we’ve done. Good work 🙂

  16. kiera kiera says:

    Sofia! I liked how you explained all of the projects we are working on in class. It was cool to read about the projects that I am not a part of because I am now aware their progress and even more impressed on what they have accomplished. Keep up the great work!

  17. nivie nivie says:

    Thank you for this blog Sofia! It was a nice, clear summary of everything we have been getting done. Nice job!

  18. Joanmarie Joanmarie says:


    I loved reading your blog! It was nice to read about the overview of what we made this year 🙂 Making the spoons was a blast. Great Blog!

  19. maria2015 maria2015 says:

    I had so much fun this week! It was so much being able to build so many things by just us and the help of Ms. O(of course) It makes me really happy looking at the week and seeing all that we have accomplished so far and will continue to accomplish throughout the last few months of school we have left

  20. cheyenne.biel cheyenne.biel says:

    I liked you you described all the projects so well. It was a little short, but a great blog.

  21. Dorian Stocking Dorian Stocking says:

    I love how you talked about the projects we’re doing in class and putting it all together! Great job!

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