IMG_4294My father’s company has moved out of their old shared office space and moved into a new, empty one all for themselves. My mother and I have been having lots of fun putting together different designs for the office, including what table types, how many couches, what kind of chairs, and most importantly, what coffee machine to get.

Then came the trip to IKEA where we looked at the boundless variety of chairs, tables, stools, pillows, couches, and kitchenware available to us. After purchasing a few things for ourselves, we finally decided to re-evaluate our design plans. While walking through the warehouse of choices, we crossed things off our list of ideas and added five times as many back on to the list.

After hours of discussing, contemplating, and arguing over what would work best, we finally decided on one couch, with a small coffee table; a nice big conference room table that was shaped like a very narrow eye; very modern and chic desk chairs that moved so smoothly on the wood floor you could barely hear it; and nice big desks that had plenty hidden drawers for the modern look and feel of the company.

The next day we went to the new office with all our boxes of unassembled office furniture and, slowly but surely, moved it all up the three flights of stairs to the new office. There we began to rip open the boxes and look for directions. Amongst all the little baggies of screws was one little booklet with tiny print labeled Directions. I quickly reviewed the tools I needed, looked at the pictures provided, and started to assemble my first office desk. Using my new found knowledge of how to properly use a screwdriver, I managed to crank out the desk in about forty five minutes. Thank you Mrs. Oropallo for teaching me the skills I needed to help my dad and his co-workers out with moving into their new office!


  1. I loved how the skills we are learning everyday with Ms.Oropallo helped you in this situation. I know your dad’s new office is going to look great! the description of the process really helped me understand how you guys brainstormed for the new office.

  2. I really liked how you decided to write your blog about your experience outside of the classroom! Because we weren’t all there experiencing it (like we have about most of the blog topics), it was much more interesting to read! Awesome job!

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