MarinSEL Looks Forward to Fall 2013

MSEL Hands-Up!

I am looking forward to the Marin School of Environmental Leadership’s Engineering Program this year.

The MarinSEL Engineering class is cheap NBA jerseys an advanced class for students who want to become active participants in creating solutions to human problems- while protecting our environment and sustaining a viable environmental future.

Of course, the class doesn’t just focus on problems. We can always, and must, improve current engineering standards. As our use of technology moves forward and our knowledge of it cheap NFL jerseys progresses, our responsibility is to respect, sustain, and improve our environments- for all species.

MarinSEL students are encouraged to take control of their education by being proactive. They are not afraid to ask questions and give 100% to all wholesale jerseys tasks at hand. I stress that education and leadership depend on effort and attitude. Making phone calls, writing letters, and going to businesses- MarinSEL students don’t back down from uncertainty and they know they can do anything.

As an educator, I am excited to be a part of the MarinSEL program. I am dedicated to expanding cheap MLB jerseys experiential learning in schools, and Sync I’m happy that students like our MarinSEL students are going to be a part of our future. Striving to represent the MarinSEL vision, they are role models for their peers across the country. Youth By supporting classes like this you are supporting “real life” experiential education where the students experience critical thinking, peer collaboration, and problem solving. I hope you enjoy following us in this engineering adventure!

This kronor year we will be undertaking a variety of projects. We’ll work with Energy Recovery, a local engineering firm, to create a Rainwater Catchment System. Students will start by creating the design and searching for materials they’ll need from the community. Then they’ll actually build it. During this process students will be introduced to tool and machine use, as well as 3D computer-aided software for design. Some wholesale NFL jerseys other projects will include owl boxes for rodent control, a new fence around the organic garden on campus, Husqvarna raised beds for the Shop organic garden, chicken coops, solar playhouses, and some other fundraising projects.




My passion is learning. I love learning new things and educating people; witnessing people’s confidence grow after learning they can invent, design, and create is a tremendous reward. My purpose as an educator is to highlight the importance and benefits of hands-on experiential learning, to promote creative thinking and problem solving, and to improve engineering technology design education in schools. I like to connect my students’ projects with the general community. I teach practical projects that provide real life experiences. Hands-on education and community involvement is essential to a holistic education and community. Experiential learning is about making connections, forming relationships, and collaborating together to create possibilities. Creativity, imagination, and innovation are all products of hands-on collaboration. BIOGRAPHY

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