Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

As the school year draws to a close, everyone in our MSEL class agrees that it was an amazing year spent in engineering with Ms. Oropallo.

We went on three awesome field trips; one to get Urban Ore and the Away Station, one to the California Academy of Sciences, and one to the Mendocino Redwood Company, and we finished building our uniquely designed chicken coops. While the coops took a lot longer than expected, and we didn’t end up having time to build the water bottle greenhouse, it was still a great project that taught us a lot about teamwork and problem solving. And it feels great that they are now all finished.

But I won’t talk about the chicken coops too much–almost every blog during this past semester has talked about them–instead, it’s time to look to the future. Everyone in our class has been placed in an internship for next year, and we are all excited for the new opportunities these internships will present. And while only a few internships are engineering related, I am sure that the skills we have learned in this class will be applicable to all of them.

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I have to admit that at the beginning of the school year, I was a little unsure about this class. I didn’t think I would be any good at engineering, I was a little scared of the power tools, and I already had a busy schedule. But I soon realized that this class would be an eye opening experience for me. I definetely gained a lot of confidence, I learned how to problem solve, working both independently and in a group, and I was forced to come up with creative solutions to the problems that I faced. I will need all of these skills in my internship next year. I won’t be in a group with other students, I will have to faces challenges on my own. This class, paired with our business plan projects, was the perfect segue to our senior internships. I didn’t realize how much an engineering class would improve my leadership skills, but it definetely did, and those leadership skills will be essential to doing well in my internship next year.

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to spend a year in this class, and I would like to thank Ms. Oropallo for being an amazing teacher who helped us through the year. She never did the work for us–it was up to us how much work we put into the class–and I think we are all better people because of that. Thanks Ms. Oropallo for an awesome year!

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14 Responses

  1. khanht khanht says:

    You’re right – if anything else, this class taught me so much about how to be a problem solver. Thanks so much ms. Oropallo!

  2. emilyi emilyi says:

    The pictures are great, and as always, I liked your writing style. Being in your chicken coop group was really fun, and I can’t wait for what happens next year.

  3. monicaz says:

    great blog amber! You summed everything up very well. That was a nice closing statement from the year.

  4. anapaulav anapaulav says:

    You did a nice job of summing up the year in one blog.

  5. juliettas says:

    Yes! Thank you for mentioning the internships! We should write about those; I am super excited and I think that they will be super fun and a great experience.

  6. Patrick Shami Patrick Shami says:

    I’m actually really excited for the internships! I wasn’t at first but I’m really looking forward to them

  7. Miguel F. Miguel F. says:

    Great blog, indeed it was an awesome year

  8. inesg inesg says:

    amber you literally just summed everything up so well! definitely the skills learned in this class will help for the internship! maybe ill even come back to Ms. O’s during breaks to work on stuff for my internship

  9. taylors taylors says:

    Nice blog Amber! I liked how you reflected on the past and the future. It was a very fun year and we did a lot of awesome things!

  10. angeliquea says:

    I definitely agree that I developed a sense of problem-solving skill through this class. It’s like there’s now more creativity in my resolutions.

  11. dahlyah says:

    I liked how you connected what we learned in engineering to our senior internships and how we can use these skills in the future, I definitely will!

  12. heslerd says:

    Great blog!!
    I really enjoyed going to the academy of science. It was a really cool/unique place.

  13. jonathanw says:

    I agree, thank you Ms. Oropallo. Also I agree, coming into the class I was unsure what the projects were going to be, but I loved all of them

  14. avaa says:

    This is so well-written and I love how it talks about next year. So excited for that!!

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