Life Lessons

Life Lessons

As the year drags to a close, I have come to reflect upon this year of learning and experiences. It has been full of learning for everyone, including myself.

We have created some beautiful wood work, as well as spoons, and of coarse chicken coops! We have gone into the forest to observe sustainable, FCC certified forestry practices. We have made trash into treasure. Most importantly, we have built a future, and a new generation of innovators with a priority aimed at our environment. Our Handy Woman of a teacher was Allison Oropallo, and she teachers this class to prepare us for our future.

On the last day of our engineering class, we were given a surprise task to complete, and one that many should know how to do. Although it may not be directly related to our class, it will help a majority of the students. So what was this task? The task was to learn how to change a car tire so that if it ever happens, we will know exactly what, and how to do it.

I would say that changing a tire is a perfect metaphor for our class. First you jack up the car; which symbolizes her teaching us what to do. Then you loosen the lug nuts; this symbolizes her letting us stray off from her grip into our own designs and thinking. Now that the tire is off; you are free and there is nothing other than yourself to teach you what lessons need to be learned. Next as you put the spare on; you use what you have learned, you can change it and gain experience, and help teach others. And lastly you tighten it into place; which symbolizes the life lessons remaining with you on the journey down the rest of the road which is life.

Life is full of challenges, and Allison Oropallo has helped us avoid many. As I go into the summer, I will miss this class, but I will never forget what I have learned.

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  1. khanht khanht says:

    Wow, impressive connection between what we as a class went through and the whole tire-changing experience! Nice blog!

  2. monicaz says:

    Beautiful blog jon! I really like the metaphor of our class and the tire. very well said!

  3. anapaulav anapaulav says:

    Great recap of the year, wish I could take this class again!!

  4. juliettas says:

    Very cool metaphor! This class has definitely helped us change our views on how we can do things and survive in life.

  5. amberl says:

    I’ll miss this class too but I know I’ll always use the skills I learned here. Nice blog!

  6. Patrick Shami Patrick Shami says:

    I would never have considered the relationship between the tire and our class but the metaphor actually works well. And when it’s all said and done, we all keep rolling forward.

  7. Miguel F. Miguel F. says:

    Awesome blog. I too will remember this class.

  8. inesg inesg says:

    woaahhh dude that was like a perfect metaphor analysis right there! fun final!

  9. taylors taylors says:

    Great blog Jon! You used the metaphor well, it really does describe how our class was like.

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