Is it a house, or a chicken coop?

“These floors are wicked! Nicer than what I’ve got at home” said Ms. Oropallo as she checked out our hard wood floor.

Over the past week, the chicken coops have really started to take shape. Many groups are finished or nearly finished with their floors. Some groups have really decided to step out of the box with an unconventional hexagonal coop, a multiple story coop, or even a living roof. Some others have stuck to a square for their designs. No matter the shape each group will give their coop their own twist.

Jon Woods, Selena Khisa, and I have installed solid oak hardwood floors in our coop. Although we may have a “chicken dance floor” according to Ward Bouwman, we feel that this extra touch will really help when the time comes to sell the coop.

It all started on our trip to Urban Ore. #inmytruck While the other groups were searching for random materials they thought might be useful, my group set out on a mission. With the grace of a freight train and the speed of lightning, we set out to find the cheapest, most useful, prefabbed works of art. We picked up an 18 foot long slab of hardwood floor to be used in and around our coop. The others, mostly Miguel Friedman and group, laughed as they picked up styrofoam to replace 2×4 studs. What on earth were they thinking?! Clearly they should have used paper plates;) While Miguel’s group picked dandelions, the rest of us kicked butt to find the best floors and other materials.

Now that the coops are starting to come together, some groups are having trouble finding the proper materials for building chicken coops. Walls are coming up, and tears are coming down as Miguel realizes that dandelions are of no use to him.

Everyone is thoroughly enjoying Ms. Oropallo’s class this year. We, here in MSEL, are a pretty tight knit group of people; however, Ms. Oropallo makes a great new addition to the family. She is constantly helping people with their coops, and is always volunteering herself in place of absent group members. I know personally that I have probably asked Ms. O about 100 questions so far, and my group only has two of our four walls up.

There have been some crazy ideas floating around the workshop over the past week. Wheelbarrow chicken coops?! What? Anyway, Jon Woods and I agree that the craziest, largest, hairiest, and most audacious idea of all is to have a 4 story, 6 dimensional, octagonal coop with a living roof on… wait for it… wheels. I know. Mind BLOWN, am I right? This reminds me of of a conversation I recently had while polishing our hardwood floors. What if skin was perfectly reflective? What would you see? Probably your reflection, of the other persons reflection, of your own reflection. Angelique Avanozian, an established philosopher within the MSEL community decided to throw in the towel and just scream paradox. Repeatedly. All class. I think I might have been a little too close to the varnish on my floors. Just kidding, Ms. Oropallo does a great job of making sure everyone is wearing proper protection for the job they are performing.

Anyways, all is good and dandy in the world of MSEL Engineering. Except Miguels dandelions, those are not so dandy.

Patrick Shami

Patrick Shami

I love to ride my bike! Behind bars is where I belong-- handle bars that is.

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11 Responses

  1. khanht khanht says:

    I like the skin reflective thing. Mind blown.

  2. monicaz says:

    i really liked this blog. hexigonal chicken coops are going to be the next big thing i promise.

  3. avaa says:

    I love this blog and can’t wait to get back to the engineering room this semester!

  4. inesg inesg says:

    this is a really nice blog! it was hard finding all the right stuff but we’re definitely on a roll with our coops

  5. anapaulav anapaulav says:

    I think Miguel is just trying to be innovative. Love this class!

  6. amberl says:

    Nice description of the project, it was very entertaining. Great job!

  7. angeliquea says:

    I know dude you guys have a decked-out coop. I’m impressed with the design of the hardwood floor and I’m also really appreciative of the help you guys give me. Your group is on a roll

  8. Miguel F. Miguel F. says:

    patrick and jon your hella funny. i do enjoy dandelions

  9. meronee says:

    Im pretty sure mine is a house.

  10. angelicap angelicap says:

    hahaha. I loved this! It was really funny. Especially the part about Styrofoam and dandelions. Good job guys

  11. juliettas says:

    Finding the right materials is definitely a struggle. Well done!

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