As I walk outside and put my hand above my eyes to block the bright glaring 8 O’clock sun I look at these mini houses scattered across the courtyard that we’ve created. When Ms. Oropallo first announced that we’d be making chicken coops, a simple wooden box with four posts, a door, and a ladder for the chickens came to mind. And yes, thats what we created but times 10 or 30 million better. These are no run of mill chicken coops that you will find at say home depot or wherever you buy them… From mosaic framed, to octagon shaped, to a little barn, to hardwood floors, to mansions, to an almost log cabin feel coop, each has its own unique personality and soul, and non looks like the other. Something for everyone, including the chickens! And yes I said hardwood floors, chickens likes a good polished floor, don’t you know?

We are nearing the end of our stylized chicken coop journey, the finishing touches. Some are roofing, which I have to admit “is a lot of fun” as Ms. O promised! There’s something about hammering the shingles into the roof and seeing it change the look of the coop instantly. It’s kind of empowering… I mean pretty much everything in this class it. Gives you a new sense confidence that some of us didn’t have pre-Oropallo-class.

Though these coops have been one for the books. I’m ready for our next project, working on expanding the garden fence! But i’ll always smile at the memories of our trips to Urban Ore, Good Earth in between for  post-scavenging-grub, riding the tricycle cart at The Away Station with my group, seeing all the cool little thing left behind and walking away with a lot of free records! Some of which I had no idea who the artist were but they sounded great and I did luck out and get a “Times” Christmas classic pack, and right before the holidays too! Gotta have those classics!

So thank you, chicken coops and all your fun and memories, it’s been something else! They’ll be for sale soon so be sure to be on the look out for some funky FRESH chicken coops which will provide you with the opportunity for FRESH eggs *wink wink*


Disclaimer: Chickens not included.



  1. Indeed the personalities are really unique and describe what each group has envisioned from the start. No matter what the influence was, it was good because all of the coops are now finished and look awesome!

  2. I will always remember the trip to the Away Station and Urban Ore with Good Earth in between – it was one of the best field trips we’ve done this year. My group got so much good stuff there – anything for the chickens.

  3. Haha this is great. Nice pictures too. And I couldn’t agree more with what you said about the variety of the coops. It seems like forever since we started the coops, but I could have never imagined that they would turn out this amazing.

  4. I love how you described our chicken coops as more than just chicken coops. We have truly put so much thought into making them new and different from “just your average” chicken coop. Nice blog

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