Friendship Builds Coops

Since the middle of last semester, our groups have been working on our chicken coops. From gathering materials at Urban Ore and The Away Station, to framing the walls, our class has shown exceptional initiative. We’ve worked hard at every step, and we rarely see students slacking off. We all come into the class, excited to get to work. As the coops come to a finish, those who are closer to the end help groups that are struggling to finish.

For example, my group is building an 8′ by 4′ coop – the biggest out of all of them – and we’ve not only received help from our classmates, but other MSEL-ers as well. John and Dylan, two seniors, helped us panel our walls. This really helped us catch up to the rest of the groups. Emily, Khan, and Amber’s group always seems to have someone absent, yet they have still managed to keep up. No matter what challenges are thrown at us, our class always finds a way to push through.

Most groups are working on their roof or trim currently. Personally, when I step back and look at what we’ve accomplished as a class, I am amazed. Just two and a half years ago we were freshmen who couldn’t even be bothered to do our homework, and now we have almost finished seven chicken coops. We are looking forward to our next project, which is something that will not only be fun, but benefit our school as well.


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23 Responses

  1. nicm says:

    Working in our groups really helped us to connect and allowed us to convert our feelings into something tangible (and large).

  2. brendav says:

    We have changed since freshman year!! So proud of us and all of our hardwork!!

  3. dahlyah says:

    We’ve definitely done a lot and it is amazing to look at our chicken coop and know that we built that.

  4. emilyi emilyi says:

    Time flies by so quickly! I’m really impressed with how much we’ve all progressed and grown over the past few years. Iv’e really enjoyed building the coops.

  5. tarenb says:

    Its pretty fantastic to se how far we have come. Great blog!

  6. Patrick Shami Patrick Shami says:

    I totally forgot that the green house would be used at tl. I can’t wait! I have loved seeing the groups pull together and work to finish their coops.

  7. amberl says:

    It is really great how we work through all of the challenges that are thrown at us. Nice blog

  8. avaa says:

    This is all perfectly stated. I love how our chicken coop groups made us better friends 🙂

  9. angeliquea says:

    John and Dylan were so helpful. One day my group came to class and found that we had an entire wall constructed that we hasn’t even touched yet. So grateful for those fools

  10. khanht khanht says:

    Oh come on Audrey, you don’t have to point that out… Though I’m amazed we’re still somehow be able to catch up with everyone else.

  11. jonathanw says:

    so close to finishing up!!! only roof caps and trim left!!!

  12. angelicap angelicap says:

    I agree. We have come so far since we were freshman and I am really proud of the way that these coops have turned out.

  13. Miguel F. Miguel F. says:

    Great blog. No one ever slacks off. That is what I like about this project

  14. juliettas says:

    I really appreciate the help everyone has been giving me when my team is smaller than others. Really proves that MSEL is a little family! So excited to finish these coops.

  15. mias says:

    Great blog, Audge! It’s true, our class does push through.

  16. taylors taylors says:

    It is truly amazing what our class has accomplished. I can’t believe how hard we have worked on these coops and how much better we are getting with the tools. Awesome blog!

  17. anapaulav anapaulav says:

    our coop built our friendship<33333

  18. meronee says:

    I cant wait to see how it all turns out!

  19. selenak says:

    Yeah you guys built the biggest coop. Im amazed by everyones work too!

  20. heslerd says:

    woah, the last part just made me realize how time flies… But anyways your coop looks awesome, good job. I like it how other groups help each other. People are so nice. Good job on the blog.

  21. inesg inesg says:

    you guys are really pulling off the 8′ by 4′ coop it looks great!

  22. monicaz says:

    IT really is amazing to see how far we have all come. It is nice to know that we can always count on other people in the class for help

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