Google defines engineering as “the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures”, but it is really so much more that. Engineering is learning. Engineering is hands on work. Engineering is skill. And most of all, engineering is muscle (not the kind in your body). As a class, we have slowly but surely learned how necessary these four components of engineering are. We are constantly required to use the knowledge of these four things to do all of the projects we do in our MSEL engineering class.

– Engineering is learning. – So, in our engineering class, we learn a lot. Most of our class did not know we how to build or use tools. If it had not been for our amazing engineering teacher, Ms. Oropallo, we never would have . Daily, she teaches us things such as how to use a drill, hand carve a spoon, quickly make a gumball machine, and much more. And “Ms. O”, as we call her, does more than just that. She teaches us how to be active, attentive, and well-behaved students.We, MSEL students, all thank her for that.

– Engineering is hands on work. – Of the many things that we have been taught, perhaps one of the most important, is hands on learning. By doing projects that require physical work and movement, instead of long, pointless tests, we have a more enjoyable time learning. Hand carving spoons and making gumball machines are just a few things we recently began working on. For example, we have started working on the school garden’s fence (the gate specifically) and planter boxes, designing benches that turn into tables, and making a prop well for a student at our school who started her own small acting business. The list goes on and on, people. On and on.

– Engineering is skill. – Another thing that engineering requires is major, major skill. It isn’t possible to just know how to build a bench that transforms into a table, unless of course you are a genius like Stephen Hawking. Instead, you learn how to from teachers like our one and only, Allison Oropallo, and acquire that skill over time and through experience.

– Engineering is muscle. – Like we said earlier, most of all, engineering requires muscle. Not only of the body, but of the mind. When things get difficult, you must have the mental strength to keep going, and never give up. Sure you have to be strong to lift the hefty 4 by 4, but more so, you have to have the mental intelligence and strength to know that you need to lift it with your legs, to avoid hurting your back.

These four things are what truly matter in engineering.

 By: Dylan Adler and Alyssa Ceccanti-Harris!


  1. Dylan and Alyssa, this blog is really well-done. I really like how you laid everything out especially relating everything to the definition of engineering and what that means to us. I agree with all four!

  2. That was great! You guys have written a really nice blog! I really enjoyed reading it, and liked the format you two used to break engineering into pieces. You guys are so right, too! I related so much to what you wrote, and am glad most of us have a common enjoyment in Ms. O’s class!

  3. MSEL is composed of the four C’s, engineering is of the four E’s. I love the structure you used to build your blog. It is amazing looking back at how little we knew at the beginning of the school year and comparing it to all that we are capable of doing know. Thank you for teaching us Ms O, great blog guys!

  4. I really enjoyed how you guys delved into all of the different components of engineering. I thought it seemed a little short but that was mainly because you guys were so direct and concise with the points you were making, which is good. Solid all around blog post.

  5. Great blog Dylyssa!! Your blog was a nice perspective of the engineering class. As the students, we are always so busy that we don’t take the time to acknowledge the important lessons we gain from the class. So, reading your blog was a nice step back and reflection of the controlled chaos.

  6. Great blog guys! Engineering really defines the hands-on, project-based learning philosophy of MSEL because that’s what we do in our class. We are working on so many different building projects right now which is really exciting because everyone is doing their part. 🙂

  7. This is a great blog Dylan! I really like how you defined what the real definition of engineering is and then you said what it is to you. I also like how you broke down the various parts of your definition. Good work 🙂

  8. I love how you two were able to work together to create this amazing blog. I like how you stepped away from the usual explanation of whats going on, to come up with these ideas on your own. I found it very fascinating, and a job well done!

  9. This blog does a great job in touching the surface of just how important engineering is in our lives and how we being to see positive results from the hard work we put into every assignment or task we are given in this class.

  10. Wow, awesome job integrating your four components of engineering with examples from our msel class. It’s awesome that you went outside of the Google definition to find your own – thinking outside of the box is always good!

  11. Great job!!! I agree with the fact that engineering is so much than the combination of science and technology with design and building. Ms.O has taught us many things throughout the year that we may have never learned if it weren’t for her.

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