What a semester! It’s the last week of school before Winter break, and finals are getting the best of us.

The first semester has always been the busiest and this year is no exception. With so many projects, we’ve all been busy. And now that finals week has arrived, we are all ready for a well deserved break. But first, let’s take a look at what we’ve accomplished this semester…

The Marin SEL Juniors have come a long way. This semester we began implementing the 8 business that had been chosen. It was a definite struggle for some but as always, we gave it our full effort. We were able to get spots in the Marinwood Farmers’ Market on Saturdays to sell our items. It was amazing how supportive the community was with not only our project, but our school as a whole. It’s safe to say that we all learned a thing or two from this experience and it has helped us grow as well.

Energy Recovery has been working with us for sometime now. As the time to say goodbye comes, all we can think to say is thank you. Thank you for working with us although at times we weren’t at our best. We can only imagine how difficult it is to work with 28 high school students that are either very energetic or barely there. The Energy Recovery team has taught us a lot in the time we’ve had together. They’ve always been supportive, willing to answer all of our questions and have helped us when we most needed it. And of course, thank you to the team for inviting our entire class to visit your facility.

As a result of working with Energy Recovery, our class has learned to use Autodesk Inventor. And to wrap up our Semester, we ended with a very interesting final. Our assignment was to build a wind turbine on Autodesk Inventor. The task took around 90 minutes to build the frame for the wind turbine. Last week, we created the turbine itself. A cool feature is that now we can put the turbine into the frame using an application called ‘Assembly’.

It’s been a great first semester, and we’re excited to see what second semester has for us. Starting with our next project which is to build a brand new fence around our garden. It’s going to be hard work but, I know for a fact that we’ll find a way to make it fun.

Huge thank you to all the parent volunteers and anyone else that has come in to help us. And of course, Ms. Oropallo and Mr. Madsen, for their continuous support throughout the year.

 Until next year, happy holidays to everyone !


Written by: Sheila Conrado and Lucas Culbertson


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