Final stages of the chicken coops

Final stages of the chicken coops

We are reaching the final stages of the construction of our chicken coops. It is very rewarding to see how far each group has come. Just a few months we were building the basic framing for our floors, and now we have put all the pieces together to create something real.

Throughout the construction of each coop, we don’t only learn building skills, but also learn teamwork skills. I’ve noticed that even though each coop has a designated group, everyone is always willing to help out another group from the kindness of their heart.

When we started this project, we were given specific guidelines for building the chicken coops. For example height, minimum number of doors and windows, and distance above the ground. As you already know we got to design our own chicken coop with our group members. After designing it and doing some research, we get the material and then we start building. Seeing the chicken coops last semester and seeing them now, we have accomplished so much. Everyone are like professional builders. What I have observed is that everyone isn’t scared in making mistakes anymore. Even though we all had the same guidelines, each coop turned out very different. This project was a chance to get our creative juices flowing. The freedom we had working on this project allowed us to do so.

Pretty soon we will be finishing up our chicken coops and moving on to a variety of different projects. We have planned for someone to come in once a week to show us how to build solar chargers. We can learn to build them and even keep the final product. We are also planning on installing more fence around the garden to accommodate the chicken coop. We started measuring it but we are still waiting for materials. The last project we have planned is the plastic bottle greenhouse. All year, students have been collecting plastic bottles from everywhere. We are going to use those bottles to make a greenhouse out of them. This project does not only reduce the amount of plastic bottle waste in our community, but it also gives us the opportunity to create something new and productive out of it.


As the chicken coops are coming to a close, I can say I really appreciated this experience. I have learned a lot of new skills and gotten closer with my classmates. Being in this class is not just about building. It is about teamwork, innovation, and creating a better future together.



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21 Responses

  1. brendav says:

    I completely forgot how the beginning of our coops look like, looking forward to our great work coming to an end!!

  2. dahlyah says:

    Had our challenges, but it was fun, and we learned from them. I’m excited to see them completely done!

  3. emilyi emilyi says:

    I really hope we can do the water bottle greenhouse! It will be fun to work together as a whole class, just like when we built that ying yang sculpture at the retreat!

  4. tarenb says:

    I love seeing the almost finished products. I will also be kinda sad once we finish.

  5. Patrick Shami Patrick Shami says:

    That last line is a perfect way to summarize our class. We are all working together and with each other to finish these coops. I am so appreciative of the opportunity Ms. Oropallo has given us!

  6. amberl says:

    It definitely has been a very rewarding experience working on the coups this year. Nice job!

  7. avaa says:

    I love this blog! It’s so cool how we’re almost done with our coops now

  8. angeliquea says:

    I know dude I feel like the designated groups have morphed into one big group of partially trained construction workers that all help each other out

  9. angelicap angelicap says:

    I also agree that this experience was worth it. I think that as we moved through all the struggles of building these things it has helped us to grow closer.

  10. jonathanw says:

    when it comes to attacking a problem, why not use two minds. I have found this to be apparent many times. If we get confused, we tackle it together, not alone, and we get it done.

  11. khanht khanht says:

    “Even though each coop has a designated group, everyone is always willing to help out another group from the kindness of their heart.” Yup, I agree, we always help each other out.

  12. juliettas says:

    The next project is going to be super exciting! It’s really cool to be actually putting all of our environmental thoughts, brainstorms and ideas from freshman through sophomore year into action. Hands on is what MarinSEL is all about!

  13. mias says:

    Beautiful blog, Helser! Loved the part about solar chargers. Keep doing what you’re doing and shine on.

  14. Miguel F. Miguel F. says:

    Great blog. I especially like your conclusion. Well written!

  15. audreyb says:

    It is so amazing to see the coops as they are being finished. I think we’ve all learned a lot from building them! Great blog Hesler!

  16. taylors taylors says:

    This is so true! Everyone helps each other when they need it! I loved the chicken coop project and can’t wait for the future projects to come.

  17. anapaulav anapaulav says:

    What a beautiful work of literature you wrote here. I’m happy that you’ve gotten closer with your classmates, friendships that blossom from building chicken coops are the best kinds of friendships.

  18. meronee says:

    I have the best group. Not going to lie.

  19. selenak says:

    Yeah, everyones super willing to help each other!!

  20. inesg inesg says:

    we’re definitely pro’s at teamwork and collaboration now that we’ve done this project! our group has been working so well I’m gonna really miss working on these coops. always so pumped for this class

  21. monicaz says:

    It is amazing to see how far we have all come. I cant wait for the next few projects. great blog

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