Fasho… Engineering has been a blast so far. This week we have been using the Autodesk Inventor program where you can design and create 3D models. We have been using this program to create a 3D race car, getting us ready to make our wind turbine.
Before we started using Autodesk we were working on our wind turbines using toilet paper rolls, aluminum cans, and hot glue. My group had a great outcome with our turbine. We had the fastest spinning turbine in the class.

We were making these projects to present to some cool engineers located in Oakland CA. We took a field trip to Energy Recovery where the CEO gave us an introduction speech about what they were about and we were able to take a tour of the facility. It was a bunch of fun. We walked around while being explained how they designed and made the water pump. Then after all of the exciting walking around ha we got to eat in their cafeteria which was really cool. We watched Nacho Libre and had a ping pong tournament, Dylan Adler the ping pong master obviously won. We were there in the first place because we are working with about five of the engineers at our school for the wind turbine.

Now our days of endless engineering are almost over, next week we have finals and we are supposed to design our wind turbine on Autodesk. I hope its easy because making the race car wasn’t a walk in the park. I guess I am just going to have to put my game face on and spank some final booty. This week was just sitting on the computers and getting ready to use Autodesk by ourselves.

Well I will be glad to be able to say that I had the experience to use Autodesk Inventor and that I know how to design and create practically anything I want on it. I know one day far past our high school and college years these skills we learned in engineering class will come to a good use. MSEL engineering is awesome!

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