The End

I would like to start of saying being in this class this year has changed my whole outlook on engineering. I love this class so much from the spoons, to Urban Ore and the Away Station, to the first chicken coop models, to the actual chicken coops, to building chairs, to welding ladders, to inventor, to the building challenge. I love it all. My experience in this class has been so phenomenal I decided to write one of the UC college essays on engineering. I understand it is a bit long but I want to share it, so here it is.

The smell of freshly cut wood. The symphony of saws drowning out all other sounds. Wood chips drifting in the air creating a curtain, slightly obscuring the light coming through the single pane windows. The taste of dust in the back of your throat that makes some people feel sick. I breathe deeply. Serenity. An escape from the stress of academics, no calculus, no physics, no AP classes. Just my subconscious right brain entering consciousness, thinking of what to build next.

To me Engineering Tech is like a peaceful tea garden, a place to relax and just be. Funny, once I think about it. Perhaps the noise of saws overpowers the stress of taking four AP tests and the SAT all in 2 weeks. Nevertheless, Engineering Tech allows me to apply material learned in math and science by breathing it into reality, rather than reading it in some textbook. With this I construct my ideas and understanding of how the world works into physical form. To me all my studies become worth it, with seeing scientific ideas and mathematics a part of what I create.

I feel this way about Engineering Tech because it is a place dedicated to, learning for understanding, not for a grade. This is my mentality, I learn to understand how this world functions: from quantum mechanics, to political elections, to cognitive science. I amass this knowledge on my own or in class to apply it to reality. I learn about making pizza and build a wood fired oven, I learn about rotational torque and build a trebuchet, I learn about vacuums and build a vacuum cannon that is able to shoot through soda cans. I need to implement what I learn in books and other media to the real world for my own understanding.

What are my dreams for the future? Simple, something I enjoy. Reading this you probably think, “oh he is going to be an engineer”, and you may be right. To tell the truth, I have no clue what my future career is: I may be a politician with my want to better my community I may be a conservationist with my deep concern for the environment, I may be an entrepreneur with my hope to create “the next big thing”. All I know is I will go out of my way to implement the ideas I learn, to keep improving my understanding of this convoluted world in which we live.

Thank you everyone for such an awesome year. A special thanks to Tim Irish, Ward Bouwman for volunteering and Deanne Clough for all your work.


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