Everyone crowded around one of the many work tables in Ms. Oropallo’s Woodshop. It was time for the big competition everyone was waiting for. Drum Roll…. The competition was to see how fast you could switch drill bits. The whole class gathered to watch as two people competed for fastest time. We had been practicing for this competition since we were born. We all grew up drilling. This was one of those events that the contestants wait all their life for. It’s like the first time you step on the pitch during the World Cup.

One contestant Nic Mckim said, “This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. The atmosphere in the stadium has been amazing. I will never forget this.”

This was the kind of stuff that all the contestants were saying. There was only a few who didn’t enjoy this competition. That was Jon Woods.

His only words were, “I am too good for the people here. This is no fun.” Then he left without uttering another word.

But you should expect that coming from the six time world champion driller. It was an honor to even be in the same room with someone who has accomplished so much in their life. Before he left he signed many autographs for the other contestants. It was great having him there. The competition started off well, Taylor Saling and Patrick Shami both started off with solid scores. A surprising score from Hesler Deleon really got things going. He came in looking to just not finish last. He actually got a solid score of twenty-three seconds fastest at that time. Then came Miguel Friedman. He had to leave the competition early, which was sad because he was last year’s champion, because of a bad injury. He got a paper cut before the round. But then Merone Eckert burnt her hand on the drill, which ended her day.

This competition was judged by Ms. Oropallo. She was the teacher and mentor to many of the contestants. Many of the contestants really relied on her to help them beat their opponents. She helped Julietta Saccardi a lot. It payed off. She came out on top of everybody as champion.

She said, “It was so much fun. I am so happy that I won. This means the world to me. All the hard work I have put in. Ever since I can remember I was drilling. And for me know to win this prestigious competition I can’t begin to even imagine this would have happened two years ago.” Not only did she win a gigantic solid gold trophy, (that is fake, shhhh) but she also gets a (fake) shopping spree at Home depot.

With the success of this competition Ms. Oropallo plans to hold another one. This competition is building chicken coops. Stay tuned to find out what happens in that completion.


By Miguel Friedman and Hesler Deleon



  1. That was soooo fun. I challenge Ms. Oropallo to a drill off. there is no way she can go through all the motions: Open chuck, insert bit, close chuck,pre drill, open chuck, swap bit, close chuck, drive screw, remove screw, open chuck, remove bit, close chuck, and put down the drill in eight seconds. I think I can do it faster… Maybe.

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