Donations Wanted for MarinSEL Engineering Projects

Please Donate to MarinSEL Engineering

Hey there! We are in desperate need of your help! We wholesale mlb jerseys are looking for any donations we can get our hands on for our MarinSEL Engineering Projects. We’ve planned to 2013 do a lot of cool things this year, like build raised beds and wholesale nfl jerseys a fence around our organic garden on campus, make owl boxes to reduce the need for chemicals for rodent control, build solar playhouses, and a table that turns into a bench. Our ultimate goal is to also throw a chicken coop cheap jerseys in there if we can get the materials we need.

So the tricky part is that we have no funding. We are trying to get Bohemian a foundation of materials which will then allow us to be self-sufficient in the future years of this class. This being our first year means we need everything! We even need a donated truck to use to pick up wood and deliver projects. We need donations now. So far a lot of people have been generous, but we need more materials that are in good shape. We can cheap jerseys provide our tax id # for tax a deductible donation as well. We also need outdoor wood that can be used for the projects mentioned above. As a sign of our appreciation we will list your donations under the public donations tab and post your business as a contributor in our publications for MarinSEL Engineering. We will also brag about how awesome you are that you support hands-on education and a class that promotes sustainable engineering design. These programs cost schools a lot of money, therefore they need community support to keep them fartygsf?rv?rv running.  Help keep hands-on education alive!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE душевой HELP! Spread Gets the word. Wohnmobil Tell everyone you know ;).

So please contact me if you can donate! Please consider it if you can. The kids in MarinSEL desperately need materials.



My passion is learning. I love learning new things and educating people; witnessing people’s confidence grow after learning they can invent, design, and create is a tremendous reward. My purpose as an educator is to highlight the importance and benefits of hands-on experiential learning, to promote creative thinking and problem solving, and to improve engineering technology design education in schools. I like to connect my students’ projects with the general community. I teach practical projects that provide real life experiences. Hands-on education and community involvement is essential to a holistic education and community. Experiential learning is about making connections, forming relationships, and collaborating together to create possibilities. Creativity, imagination, and innovation are all products of hands-on collaboration. BIOGRAPHY

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