Today, my first alarm rang at 5:35 am.

I ignored it… (Oops!)


6:00 am

My second alarm goes off.

At this point, I know I need to get up and start the day. I begin with the usual; get dressed, eat breakfast, make my lunch, brush my teeth and head out the door.


6:35 am

I’m in the car on my way to school and I realize that there’s actually light outside. It’s so weird, but nice to know that spring is almost here. Also, I expected to rain today considering there was a storm for maybe 2.56 minutes… Did you guys hear the thunder last night?


7:31 am


Currently we’re in zero period seminar with Mr. Madsen. Our assignment for today is to write down pretty much everything we’ve done in MSEL and what we’ve learned and what skill we used. I couldn’t remember anything for a good 10 minutes. Does that mean I have super-mega-short-term memory? Maybe… Anyway, I realized that for most of the juniors, this is our third year in MSEL. We’ve so far and it was fun trying to remember everything we’ve done. Juniors, go ahead, give yourself a pat on the back. Maybe a hug too, if you’re into that.


8:30 am


We’re currently reading Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario. I don’t even know how to describe the book, but believe me. It’s a good read, I highly recommend it!


9:10 am


$0.50 for a cookie. Okay give me two please…


9:20 am


The beginning of 3rd period is always hectic. I think it’s because at this time everyone has had a snack and we’re actually awake. We start the class by learning how to use some new tools.


9:35 am

Still Engineering…

We are “dismissed” and left to work on our spoons. Engineering Tech is my favorite class because we are really free to think outside of the box, no constraints on any ideas. Ms. Oropallo is always helping and showing us the best way to do things but she never really makes us do certain things. Everyone goes their own ways and completes their projects in different ways. We also aren’t confined to desks all day. So thank you Ms. O for being such an awesome teacher!


10:35 am


Today I will try to…

1. Do half of my drill sheet

2. Study for a math quiz

3. Study for an APES test

4. Not procrastinate…


11:11 am

I made a wish.


11:15 am

End of tutorial

Mission accomplished!


12:25 pm


I was confused 40% of the time. Graphing inverses, square roots, cube roots, not my thing.


12:25 – 1:05 pm


I studied water resources, am I cool yet?


Don’t answer that…


1:10 pm

AP Environmental Science

Taking a test today. Yay for tests!


*I thought it was a smart idea to leave my backpack in a friend’s car and only carry my APES binder. I was wrong, I left most of my papers for this class in my backpack. I guess moral of the story: Don’t leave your backpack in a friend’s car.


2:15 pm

I survived yet another day of highschool ! And if you’ve made it this far, congratulations!

No really, if you read everything up to this point we are officially best friends. If not, I’m questioning our friendship…

Question of the day: What is your favorite day and/or what is your favorite part of the day?

By: Sheila Conrado



  1. Sheila, I loved this post! I liked that you went through every class and made it funny. I also loved how you talked about having freedom in engineering, which is nice. Great job, ps I feel you on the math!

  2. Nice job Sheila! I love how you did a walk through of your hectic life. I think all us mselers can relate to this crayzay schedule. I like purple and my favorite part of the day is probably when that last school bell goes off. 😀

  3. Hey Sheila, I love how you changed it up and brought us through your average day, unlike the usual paragraph format…So much happens every day, its cray! My favorite day is probably sunday, because I have nothing going on (except homework…) and I just get to lay out in the sun with my kitten. Nothing that great happened today, but I mean it’s not over yet! 🙂

  4. Sheila, like Ani, I love how you described your day in your blog. It is much more fun than just writing and essay, and really lets your reader get to know who you are! I love how you “survived” a day in high school, as I always feel the same. Your writing is funny, interesting, and a great depiction of how we all think! Thanks for getting it down on paper!

  5. Sheila, your blog was sooo fun and exciting to read! I loved how you made it into a journal like entry. Those are always great to read. And I totally relate to you on he APES test, so not my thing. Great Work!

  6. Love how you asked us a question! My answer to the question of the day is probably that my favorite part of the day is the 30 min or so when you get home from school where you can just relax for a little and have a snack before you have to start doing all your homework…great post!

  7. Creative way to take us through your day while also giving us insight into your thoughts about everything happening around you. This made yours different from Ani’s which was good since you both focused on the same idea (day in the life). My favorite part of the day is dinner time when I can take a break from school and other stuff and just relax for an hour and my favorite day is Friday (Friday night to be specific).

  8. I really enjoyed how you made this like a timeline, it made me more intrigued reading it, and was easy to relate to. I liked the humor you used and wanted to hear more about your jam packed day after reading it. Very good!

  9. I really liked the format of your blog! It made it more interactive and relatable! This will help people who are new to MSEL or who do not know about MSEL understand a day in the life of an MSEL Junior.

  10. I must agree Sheila, engineering Tech is the best!!! The freedom we have in the throughout process is such a good thing to have. We get to explore many ideas into one product such as the spoon product we are currently doing. You are very cool for studying water sources. School=Cool.

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